INS reinforces Print’s relevance for advertisers through a series of ads

The print media suffered severe disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent nationwide lockdowns. There were weeks when print publications had to remain shut and for several months newspaper distribution to a hit as resident welfare associations of buildings refused delivery of newspaper within the complex. Quite a few newspapers had to shut shop or close down certain editions. There were salary cuts across the board and many employees lost their jobs.

In a statement issued, L Adimoolam, President of The Indian Newspaper Society (INS), said, “In the past 8 months, the industry has already lost around Rs 12,500 crore and the annual loss is likely to be around Rs 16,000 crore.” While urging the Government of India to announce a stimulus package for the newspaper industry, Adimoolam pointed out that the newspaper industry is facing an unprecedented crisis with its revenue streams, as both advertising and circulation have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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He expressed the apprehension that the devastating ripple effect of the collapsing newspaper will impact lakhs of Indians, including employees and their families, as well as the larger eco-system of allied industries, printing presses, distribution supply chain, including newspaper vendors and delivery boys, etc. who have for decades, been earning their livelihood from these operations.

Now, with India opening up completely and businesses opening up rapidly, the economy is on the road to recovery. The falling number of COVID-19 cases across the country and vaccine rollout underway, confidence is returning amongst the people. With this, media, too, is looking at recovery and being back to business.

The Indian Newspaper Society (INS) has come out with a series of print campaigns to reinforce that Print still delivers and is relevant for advertisers and readers alike, even amid the strong march of digital media.

In today’s digital age, questions do arise on whether print still mattered. Do people still read newspapers/ magazines? Is print advertising fading?

Reaffirming the strengths of print, INS, in a statement issued, said, “Traditional print media has several benefits and we still have reasons to believe that:

  1. Print is still tangible
  2. Print is still more credible
  3. Print is far more engaging
  4. Print establishes the brand in the mind of readers
  5. Print helps to reach the target market”

Further, referring to the ASCI-ISA report findings, INS said, “Advertising seen on traditional media continues to enjoy high trust amongst the consumers. Advertising in newspapers (86 per cent) emerged as the most trusted, followed by TV (83 per cent) and Radio (83 per cent). This study in itself is a major motivating factor for the print industry as well as to the potential advertiser to depend on Print Media as the most trusted medium.”

INS urged its member publications to release the series of print advertisements in their respective publications to promote this campaign.



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