Instagram Tests New Reshare Sticker

As many users finds it annoying to see the same image on the feed post as well as on the story which is reshared by a lot of them. Over the last few months Instagram is working on re-sharing of the feed post on the story.

A lot of brands as well as users do this update to keep their profile a little engaging and maintained. It happens so often that you're probably used to it - but Instagram says that a lot of users don't like this sort of re-sharing, as the duplication between the two surfaces can be a little too much.

Back in January, Instagram had tried few tests to remove this re-sharing of feed posts on story but met with a mixed response.

In March, Instagram also approached a new test that showed the label of re-sharing their posts on story.


This week, app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi discovered a new test which would see the addition of a new 'Reshare' sticker in Instagram Stories that would facilitate the re-sharing of feed posts.

This process will make it clearer for other users displaying that its a reshared feed post, as opposed to an original Story.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri recently noted exactly this - in one of his most recent Friday Q and A sessions, Mosseri posted this response.


Clearly, Instagram is still working on the process.

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