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iProspect is set to define a new era of performance-driven brand building: Rubeena Singh

Close on the heels of iProspect’s merger with media network Vizeum, dentsu international has relaunched iProspect globally as a digital-first end-to-end media agency. iProspect is now focussed on being the first agency to offer performance-driven brand building at a global scale. Along with this, iProspect has adopted the “Brands Accelerated” tagline to sit beneath a reimagined logo within a new, bold and accessible brand identity and website.

The new iProspect entity is led by Global President Amanda Morrissey, bringing together more than 8,000 media and performance specialists across 93 key global markets.

The new agency will fuse existing capabilities such as brand building, strategic planning, business intelligence, marketing activation and performance optimisation, plus the capabilities of scaled services within dentsu international; to give the teams huge breadth and depth of skills to draw upon to accelerate client growth.

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Commenting on the launch, Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect India, in a release issued had said, “With the launch of iProspect’s new structure, we are extremely proud to be the first agency to offer performance-driven brand building at scale. Over the years, our mission and vision have definitely evolved and with the rapidly evolving environment, one has to change. The one thing that has stayed constant is that we continue to remain focused on driving business results for our clients. By launching as a new digital-first end-to-end agency, we at iProspect, look forward to bringing future-ready solutions, which will further accelerate brand growth for our clients. With the might and scale of dentsu behind us, this structure is indeed set to define a new era of performance-driven brand building, not only in India but also globally.”

In conversation with Adgully, Rubeena Singh shares her insights on iProspect’s relaunch, their strategy for the India market, their approach to brand building, vision for iProspect in India and much more.

Give us some insights on the relaunch of iProspect? What is the object behind this relaunch and why this is the right time for this move?

iProspect has been reborn as a completely new media agency, it’s not just a new brand identity. We have a new proposition, a new approach to working, enhanced capabilities and integrated teams and leadership. The only thing that has remained the same is the name.

Two agencies with a lot of heritage and globally scaled brands have come together to make this new iProspect. By integrating these two award winning agencies, dentsu international brings Vizeum’s media strategy and planning, storytelling and brand building capabilities together with iProspect’s digital expertise, audience knowledge, and performance mindset. Clients will have access to the unique capabilities of both agencies, all from one integrated team of highly skilled experts from across a multitude of media specialisms.

We believe brand drives performance, and performance drives brand. We no longer exist in an ecosystem where these elements can be planned and bought separately. We must look at business and brand goals through a combined lens, and this will mean accelerated growth for our clients. 

How are you fortifying your capabilities in terms of brand approach considering the stress on brand building on a global scale? How exactly will the brands be benefitting from this offering?

This integration is a result of two power brands coming together and truly integrating to provide solutions to clients. So, what we will be able to offer the clients is vast array of capabilities – audience insights, market strategies, market-leading planning (from the skills we have brought in from Vizeum) coupled with the activation and business. In addition, we will access the broader Dentsu India’s capability set, allowing clients the flexibility to build bespoke and specialised teams with resources from across the network seamlessly.

With this re-launch, how are you looking at the Indian market and which areas are you considering to go forward in the Indian market?

Right now, the launch is just a beginning and we have to now start demonstrating our end to end solutions and also focus on building a culture for our teams where our teams can thrive. This will help us provide solutions that we want to offer to our clients.

As an agency, we want to be behind the biggest growth stories in the business. Our mission is to deliver smart, scalable, honest, and relevant work that grows business, enriches our clients and makes media momentous. 

To do this, we need to focus on our current clients and understand how we can better help them succeed and grow their businesses through our dual-lens perspective of brand and performance. We will also look to partner with other brands, both domestic and international, who find themselves at a pivot point in their digital transformation in media. This is where we will make the biggest difference and where our skillsets can drive bigger and better growth for our clients. 

With the tag line “Brand Accelerated”, how is this defining your business operations? How will this dictate your approach to working with brands?

Today, we are more connected than ever before. These new connections are unlocking new possibilities in media. 

And creating more opportunity for never seen before innovation growth happens where areas of critical importance for brands intersect – culture/ technology/ data & insight/ content/ commerce.

The new iProspect brings in these different perspectives and thrives at the intersection of brand and performance. We unite brand and performance to drive growth in a way that also builds brands.

This enables us to create the acceleration for the brands we work with.

In the market the sentiment is high for Vocal for Local, Bharat, Make in India. How does the re-launch look at scaling up the India strategy and what are your plans for regional India? How will they help you in your brand journey?

I believe there is a huge potential in Bharat, which as an agency we are now more enabled to unlock. The new iProspect is all about finding growth where areas of critical importance for brands intersect. Growth happens at the intersection of culture/ technology/ data & insight/ content/ commerce. All these elements are increasingly interconnected and are interdependent. Each informs and amplifies the other. 

Culture – Culture frames what is going on in the world and what is important to people right now. This is increasingly informed by technology. 

Technology – Technology creates new ways to do things and new opportunities to serve and reach consumers. And technology depends on data. 

Data & insight – Media creates audience data signals that can unlock human insight and understanding. This informs the content we create. 

Content – New forms of content allows us to reach and engage people in new ways and technology connect this to new areas such as commerce. 

Commerce – Increasingly, every media touchpoint is a commerce opportunity bringing media and sales more closely together. This enabled by technology, content and data. 

We now have all these capabilities residing in the new iProspect.

Could you tell us about the new logo and how it reflects the new agency’s ideology?

The new logo is a reflection of the growth found at intersections. We believe that brands that thrive at intersections grow the fastest. You can no longer look at branding and performance in silos. This is what we want to unlock for our clients.

What is the vision for iProspect in the digitally disrupted transitioned post-pandemic world?

The new iProspect is a digital-first, end to end media agency. It is set to define a new era of performance-driven brand building in the industry.

The opportunity is really huge, especially in the post-pandemic world, where consumers and clients are thinking digital-first.

We are restless in our pursuit of iterative improvement and are committed to delivering smart, scalable, honest and relevant work that grows business, enriches our clients and makes media momentous. 


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