Ipsos Global Survey reveals what worries the world

The Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has emerged as the top-most worry of urban Indians in the April 2020 round of the monthly, Ipsos What Worries the World global survey.  (COVID-19 was added to the macro list of issues in this round of the survey and of course will continue to be included, in the subsequent rounds).

In fact, the survey shows that for the global citizens too, COVID19 is the biggest worry with at least 61% stating it.

Other macro issues worrying Indians?

Urban Indians have chosen a host of issues that continue to bog them down; though all these worries have declined in intensity over March 2020 – 38% have mentioned Unemployment (-14%) for 33% Financial & Political Corruption (-8%), 24% said Crime & Violence (-19%) and 23% mentioned Poverty and Social Inequality (-3%).

We compared our issues with what is bothering global citizens. Interestingly, at least 3 issues were common. 

Top four Global issues                                  Top four issues in India 

1) COVID-19 (61%)                                          1) COVID-19 (62%)

2) Unemployment (35%)                                  2) Unemployment (38%)

3) Healthcare (28%)                                        3) Crime and Violence (24%)

4) Poverty and Social Inequality  (27%)          4) Poverty and Social Inequality (21%)

“COVID19 is this gargantuan concern that has completely crippled our daily lives and of the global citizens. And it has surpassed all other macro issues to sit right at the top. The government will need to focus on this issue the most. And of course, on the other issues that worry Indians – of Unemployment, Crime and Violence and Poverty and Inequality,” said Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India.


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