ISHRAE Unveils Its Global campaign Shuddh Vaayu Deergh Aayu

Every year World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June, and it’s the United Nations principal driving force behind encouraging people and building awareness toward the protection of our environment.

Realising that consumer education and action would help to bring about improvement in air quality, ISHRAE (Indian Society Of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) - a technical society - has unveiled its campaign ‘Shuddh Vaayu, Deergh Aayu’ which literally translates to: Safe Air, Longer Age or as the campaign propagates: clean air allows people to live longer and, of course, lead a healthier life as well.

The need for the public to become active agents of eco-friendly development projects all over the country has never been more important. In Delhi alone, a 2016 report showed that poor air quality has reduced life expectancy by several years. Another study stated that India was ranked the world's second most polluted country. In addition, out of the Top 30 most polluted cities in the world, 22 are in India alone. (CNN)
Shuddh Vaayu, Deergh Aayu campaign by ISHRAE will promote the need for better air quality, in association with several government and international agencies to raise awareness about the subject matter.

Moreover, the campaign Shuddh Vaayu, Deergh Aayuwill be initiating activities for the reduction in air pollution and consequent improvement in life expectancy.

Talking about the campaign Shuddh Vaayu, Deergh Aayu Mr Ashwini Mehra - Executive Secretary of ISHRAE said, "This World Environment Day, we pledge to continue encouraging and building awareness for the need to have a CLEAN environment in addition to a GREEN environment."

The main objective of the campaign Shuddh Vaayu, Deergh Aayuset by ISHRAE will be to promote people to change their attitude toward the environment for building a safe future for generations to come. Although there are many ways in which ordinary people can help their peers be aware of the harsh realities of Delhi’s environmental issues, there are certain day-to-day activities that can help in bringing back the poor air quality of Delhi to normalcy. These include signing up for car pool systems, switching off the car engine at red lights and in the near future, make use of more environmentally safer transport methods.


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