ITC Vivel launches TVC with Kriti Sanon and Neena Gupta

For ages Indians have trusted the traditional ingredients like Neem and Aloe Vera to fortify protection, health and skincare, using it as an anti-bacterial and to heal wound scars. Both are used as multipurpose plants, where Neem especially is also recommended in various kinds of ailments, and is considered a wonder herb that helps in achieving better skin health amongst many of its other uses. The two ingredients are considered natural roads and traditional methods for anti-bacterial protection, instilling a significant effect in one’s lifestyle.

The pandemic has taught every household about the basics and importance of hygiene, self-care, and switching to everything homemade, easy and ready solutions for staying healthy and fresh. Elders at home are taking extra precautions and are also seen at times using their traditional knowledge of ingredients in their day to day activities. These home remedies or ‘nuskhas’ from the elders in the family are also being accepted and adopted by the younger generation as well. Building on this very insight, the brand has coupled the product launch with the introduction of a new TVC. Starring Vivel ambassador Kriti Sanon, and veteran artiste Neena Gupta playing a daughter-mother duo, the film opens with the mother’s character welcoming her daughter back home and expressing the need to use to neem as an evil eye protection for her. Given how late the hour is, the daughter’s character wonders where they were going to find neem at that moment. The mother swiftly takes a Vivel Neem body wash as a stand in, telling the daughter is what a ‘modern’ but trustworthy take on neem looks like.

The new Vivel Neem Body wash champions ITC Vivel’s continued strive towards innovation and commitment.  It delivers a 3 in1 solution to problems which are caused by the polluted environment we are encircled in. With the need for protection and nourishment at the core of today’s skin requirements, consumers find themselves at a roadblock on choosing one over the other. With Neem oil and Aloe Vera as ingredients, the new bodywash imbibes the goodness and power of both the ingredients and offers a plethora of benefits in every drop without compromise.  


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