IVM podcasts launches 'Future Proofing With Ekalavya Bhattacharya

IVM Podcasts has announced the launch of a new show ‘FUTURE PROOFING WITH EKALAVYA BHATTACHARYA’; which will focus on explaining Web 3.0 technologies including the Metaverse, Blockchain, NFTS and other relevant concepts. Hosted by Ekalavya Bhattacharya, an expert in blockchain, digital media and technology and will include a deep dive into topics of Sports, Social Media, Politics & Governance, Fashion, Advertising, Gaming, Events and more.

Listeners can expect to hear from guests like Jose Covaco, Roshan Abbas, Varun Duggirala, Aditya Swamy among other noted personalities, talking about the impact of future tech in their respective sectors.

Amid the biggest ever digital and tech metamorphosis, there is a great deal of ambiguity around Web 3.0.  To understand its infinite possibilities, it is first necessary to understand what it is, and what its impact can be. With this show, IVM Podcasts aims at simplifying Web 3.0 and its application across sectors. As NFTs, Data Security and AI increasingly enter our reality, there is a need to future proof and be prepared to take advantage of the coming phenomena.

A perfect candidate to helm the show, Eklavya is the brainchild behind and founder of ‘Blakomi’, a fashion-tech co. based on data science and AI and ‘Fusebulb’, a blockchain startup.  Talking about the show, he commented  “Podcasts are a great medium to get a concept like ‘Future Proofing’ and ‘Web 3.0’ across audiences. The highly personal format of podcasts where we have an open dialogue with our guests will make the listener feel like an insider and easily understand the topics. The objective is not to give ‘lectures’ but to make concepts clear and accessible. We want to have fun with ‘Web 3.0’ and remove the confused, uncertain perspective towards it”

Amit Doshi, Head, IVM Podcasts-Pratilipi said “We often find ourselves searching the internet and asking our peers ‘What is Web 3.0’? The understanding of the concept and its implications is obscure across the board. So we thought it's best we get actual experts to discuss this topic and give our listeners a solid insight- that is what the show is all about.”

Co-Founder, IVM Podcasts- Pratilipi, Kavita Rajwade shared Doshi’s views as she said “We are always searching to work on concepts which our listeners are curious about. Beyond entertaining, the aim is also to educate and simplify the world around us. Our new show is a light-on-the-jargon and easy to understand take on Web 3.0. I am confident there will a lot to take away from each episode”

‘FUTURE PROOFING WITH EKALAVYA BHATTACHARYA’ will stream starting 2nd June. Content creator and podcaster, Varun Duggirala, co-founder of The Glitch will be seen as the first guest on the show. A mix of narrative and conversations, the show will be available on the IVM Podcasts app and across all streaming platforms.


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