JARVIS Invest showcases importance of ‘AI in investing’

JARVIS Invest, India’s first AI-based investment advisory platform, has announced the launch of their first brand campaign ‘AI in investing’ to highlight the benefits of AI and its highly efficient application in stock advisory services. The campaign is conceptualised and designed with an objective to create awareness amongst DIY investors of discount broking houses on how ‘AI in investing’ can help them build customised portfolio based on their individual risk profile and investment horizon.

The campaign will run across various digital platforms for 5 months using programmatic approach.

Trust is essential when it comes to investing one's hard-earned money. ‘JARVIS’ - the exceptionally intelligent portfolio management tool has provided strong calls just before the market crash due to COVID and recently in January 2022, despite this investors have been hesitant to put their faith in AI because it is an intangible and has zero human intervention. The campaign uses real-world example as an inspiration and showcases how AI is already a part of our daily lives be it in the form of face recognition, gaming, online shopping, helping find jobs, financial services, music (playlist curation), healthcare (identify unseen illnesses), transport (google maps, AI-driven systems), etc. Using this analogy, the campaign aims to generate trust among new investors/DIY investors in AI.

The pandemic led to rapid growth of DIY platforms in the broking industry and also, attracted investors from full-service broking firms in addition to fence-sitters. However, there was no advice given to the new investors about what or when to buy. Also, many new investors tend to begin their investing journey based on speculations rather than research because of unwanted advice they received from friends, family, and WhatsApp groups accounting for a rather sour experience. A few who have burnt their fingers then opt traditional investment advisory services which offers 5-6 set of model portfolios based on one’s risk profile. However, investors are not offered customised portfolios based on their individual risk profile, investment horizon, financial and wealth creation goals etc. JARVIS Invest saw a huge opportunity to fill this gap and serve retail investors by offering them highly customised portfolios aided by AI.

Speaking about the new brand campaign, Sumit Chanda, CEO & Founder, JARVIS Invest said, “JARVIS Invest has recently crossed an Assets under Advisory of INR 100+ crores and the exceptionally intelligent AI tool ‘JARVIS’ has also been able to successfully predict the recent market crash of March, 2020 and January, 2022. While investors have been receptive to the idea of AI, there is still certain resistance from the prospects of trusting AI completely and using AI in their journey of wealth creation. This triggered us to devise a campaign that could address this apprehension. With this campaign, we intend to reiterate that just like AI has already found inroads in industries like transportation, healthcare, manufacturing (AI based bots, systems, and assembly lines), AI can also help in stock investing and navigate volatile stock markets. The concept was conceptualised by our in-house team and executed with the help of an external agency, Digital Refresh Networks. Through this campaign, early age investors will now be able to gain confidence about creating their custom portfolios using AI and fulfil their financial goals.”

Created by a team of seasoned individuals, ‘JARVIS’ helps investors navigate through volatile markets with ease. JARVIS takes into consideration over 12 million local and global data points and the system monitors client wise investments 24x7 to provide real-time advisory to client on – profit booking, partial profit booking, stock exit, auto-rebalancing, and portfolio reset. 

JARVIS Invest recently also raised strategic funding of US$600,000 from a leading UAE based family office. This is in alignment with their plans to expand in key global markets like US and Middle East where they have now launched a B2B Enterprise product. In the domestic market, they have partnered with six broking houses across Mumbai, Surat, and Ahmedabad to tap additionally over four lakh customers.


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