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KaalaTeeka Starting 5th June every Monday to Friday at 10PM

Starting on 5th June 2017 at 10 PM, Zee Anmol will soon present its next primetime offering called Kaala Teeka.  It is the story of two young girls whose lives are entwined by an act of superstition. The show captures the journey of a girl child Kaali who is treated as a human Kaala Teeka for another child Gauri and is expected to shadow her everywhere for the well-being of the latter. This regressive, superstitious belief of using one child’s presence merely to ward off evil influences from another poses several obstacles in the former’s path of growth and overall development. The show captures a worst form of superstitions – personification! It showcases Kaali’s journey of hope as she overcomes these challenges and enables Gauri to find her true self. She also reaches out to her own aspirations and ambitions in life and becomes an inspiration to others.

The show features veteran actress Mita Vasisht who will play the role of the matriarch and be responsible for all the troubles in the lives of the lead protagonists - Gauri and Kaali. The show introduces two new faces on Indian television - Adaa Narang as Gauri and Sargam Khurana as Kaali. Popular actress Daljeet Kaur Bhanot, returns on Indian Television along with the versatile actor Bhupinder Singh in pivotal roles. Daljeet plays the role of Manjari, a mother figure to Gauri and Kaali while Bhupinder Singh, as Vishaweer Jha, plays the role of her husband who is a well-known astrologer.

Kaala Teeka says a big no to bigotry and urges people to broaden their horizons and ignore outdated superstitious beliefs. Through Kaali and Gauri’s journey, the show aims to create awareness about certain age-old, redundant practices and superstitious beliefs that are unfortunately still prevalent in India. The story captures Kaali’s journey of hope as she fights for her place under the sun and reaches out to her own dreams and aspirations, rather than being relegated to leading the life of a human kaala teeka.

Starting 5th June, stay tuned to Zee Anmol’s social drama ‘Kaala Teeka’ at 10 PM every Monday to Friday


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