Kadak Marathi To Embark On An All New Journey

Kadak Entertainment' was conceptualized with the intention to deliver entertaining, enjoyable and relatable content to the viewers in their own language. And with that in mind the YouTube Channel 'Kadak Marathi' was launched in 2019. With a subscriber count of 4 lakh 37 thousand, the channel that delivers entertaining Marathi content is exceedingly popular with the Marathi viewers. The Channel understood the pulse of its audience right since the start and began its journey with delivering content like 'Gavran Meva', 'Gaav Namune', 'Gaavran Gappa'. These three subjects have now become popular and providing delight to Marathi households!  With accolades from this successful venture in its kitty, Kadak Marathi is now embarking on one more adventure.

In today's world when a woman is expected to be nothing less than a super human, giving her best on the personal and professional fronts, a supporting voice, a motivating pat on the back is all the push that she needs! There are some beautiful stories of women coming and working together, supporting each other in reaching new heights! One such inspiring story is that of a new Jodi - that of Shruti Akshay Munot & Mayoorii Swwapnil Munot! Yes, a Jodi of two women in the entertainment industry! Something almost unheard of!

This is a pair of two sisters in law, breaking the stereotype of the image popular culture has painted of this particular relation! These are two driven women extremely successful in their own careers who have, out of interest, come together to do something out of the box! They believe that with a large number of the young population spending long hours on YouTube, this medium and the content it offers has permeated their lives deeply. Also, a lot of the content is either English or Hindi and does not cater directly to the Marathi Audience and their ethos. Therefore Kadak Marathi is now coming up with content in various subjects and genres especially for thile Marathi audience. Not only this, Kadak Marathi now aspires to bring a similar experience in other regional languages as well like Gujarati, Bengali, Asamese, etc.

Shruti has completed her education from SJMSom IIT Bombay and is working as a Creative Head in a Digital Marketing Agency. Mayoorii is an Interior Designer. She designs costumes for films and serials. While reflecting on the immense popularity that Kadak Marathi has garnered in a very short span of time, they said, "We are very happy that the intent with which Kadak Marathi was started is getting fulfilled. Ofcourse the entire unit of Artists and Technicians has contributed to the success. New adventure of ours will be an enriching experience for us as well as enable us to bring unique subjects and content to the viewers."

Under its new venture, Kadak Marathi will be launching new shows, a dedicated segment for the younger audience, Music, Devotional Programs, Infotainment, etc. The launch of a new platform is in the works as well. More details and a teaser will soon be published, so stay tuned!

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