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KFC's new campaign asks you to break the monotony of everyday life

Slow braised with the choicest of ingredients, infused with flavourful spices and presented like poetry on a plate - a karela would still be a karela! But who says you need to deal with the karela? When your mealtimes are a series of Ks - karela, khichdi, kaddu - or when your week seems such a drag - Tuesday or Thursday or can’t tell - bring in some KFC-ness. KFC’s ‘Aaj ka Special’ is just the kind of zing and zest that you needed to turn your every regular day into a very special occasion. Driving home the point with your dadi to your daddy, is the original king of zing - Colonel Sanders - in a series of ‘Aaj ka Special’ digital films.

Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India, tells us what makes ‘Aaj ka Special’ so special indeed. "KFC’s signature offerings present just the right combination of crisp, crunch and unmistakable taste to break the shackles of boredom. Whether its boredom with the same home food or the tyranny of work routine, KFC is a great way to liven up any day and make it just that little bit more special. The different films in this series are sure to strike a chord with KFC fans across all ages, empowering them to access the amazing taste of KFC at home, in the restaurant, in the car or simply whenever and wherever they crave it.”

The films, conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather India, capture relatable moments from everyday life when we grapple to choose between ‘go with it’ or ‘go for it’. “When life gets dull and boring, we usually reach out to food and not the everyday food, we ask for something special - ‘Aaj ka special kya hai?’. It is precisely this emotion that we’ve latched onto, to bring out how KFC is all the ‘special’ you need on an otherwise dull day. We are sure it will drive new users to consider KFC, whenever they are missing that zing in life and hope they have as much fun watching these films as we did in putting them together.", says Ritu Sharda, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy (North).

In the first of the ‘Aaj Ka Special’ series, the Colonel sheepishly foils a father’s attempt to woo his family with some gourmet karela (if that’s even a thing). In another, he shows us how a family that bites into crispy, juicy, kaddu KFC chicken together, stays together. Imagine the plight of a husband in the last film, when he’s told that the kids are away, but he has make do with khichdi. Luckily, the Colonel was right around the corner delivering more than a sermon of ‘Boring hatoa, Special le jao’.


Agency credit:


Chief Creative Officer: Ms. Ritu Sharda

Group Creative Director: Mr. Shailender Mahajan

Senior Creative Director: Mr. Kingshuk Dey

Creative Director: Ms. Aastha Gandhi 

Associate Creative Director: Mr. Srikanta Behera


Account Management:

Managing Partner: Ms. Amarinder Butalia

Vice President: Ms. Kankana Ghosh

Account Director: Ms. Joanna Grover



Head of Strategic Planning: Mr. Rohitash Srivastava

Sr. Vice President: Sujit Patnaik 



Production House: RDP Films

Director: Abhinay Deo

Producer: Apurba Sengupta


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