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Kids' magazine Tinkle joins Ariel's Dads #ShareTheLoad movement

Leading children’s magazine, Tinkle, has joined Ariel's Dads#ShareTheLoad movement in an effort to spread and support the message of equality within the household, particularly when it comes to household chores. Popular children’s character Shikari Shambu will #ShareTheLoad with his wife in the May edition of Tinkle.

Speaking on the association, Sharat Verma, Associate Brand Director - Fabric Care, P&G India, said, “We are delighted to have a brand like Tinkle and the ACK Group partner with Ariel India on our Dads#ShareTheLoad movement to further spread awareness on the issue of household inequality. With two out of every three children believing that laundry is only a mother’s task, the conditioning of gender stereotypes is being subconsciously passed down to the next generation. Ariel India joins women across the country to address this cycle of prejudice, by encouraging more dads and husbands to #ShareTheLoad, since with Ariel Matic anyone can get great laundry results.”

Commenting on the partnership, Anuraag Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Amar Chitra Katha Media (ACK Media is the owner of renowned brands like Tinkle and Amar Chitra Katha), said, “Tinkle as a brand has always stood for values and principles that can positively shape and mold the next generation. It was important for us to do our part and pledge support to Ariel India’s Dads#ShareTheLoad movement, to ensure that the prejudice of household inequality does not pass on to the next generation. With two out every three children talking away that laundry is a mother’s job, this was an important message to bring to the surface.”

Rajani Thindiath, Editor of Tinkle, added here, “Tinkle has been actively addressing the issue of gender equality through its strong female characters and its portrayal of personality types, skills, talents and career choices as gender neutral. Ariel India's Dads #ShareTheLoad campaign beautifully captures this idea by showing how we can be the change we want to see. I’m sure watching the iconic Shikari Shambu #ShareTheLoad with his wife, Shanti, will get children to question commonly-held notions of gender-defined roles at home. In achieving this, Tinkle and Ariel would have broken down that first wall of all gender stereotypes for the next generation – ignorance.”

Speaking on the May issue, Savio Mascarenhas, Art Director and Illustrator of Shambu at Tinkle, commented, “The relationship between Shikari Shambu and his wife is a great way to ensure the right example is set for millions of young boys and girls across the country. This is why we decided to have him #ShareTheLoad with Ariel Matic in the May issue of Tinkle. Laundry is not a mother’s or woman’s job, neither are the rest of the household chores. It is an equal responsibility and we are glad this association with Ariel India will help further this cause.”

As the social debate continues to evolve, a new study by an independent third party reveals that two out of every three children believe that household chores are a mother’s job, with the stereotype of gender roles being passed down from one generation to the next. With more than 70 per cent of men believing that laundry and housework are their wife’s job, the message of gender equality within the household takes even greater importance today. These statistics are a clear reflection of a deep-rooted prejudice with defined roles for men and  women. Ariel India’s Dads #ShareTheLoad movement joins women in bringing this conversation to surface and has already received local and international support from the likes of Pankaj Kapoor, Supriya Pathak and Tabu to Sheryl Sandberg and Melinda Gates. The movement has created a strong resonance with men and women alike, with dads now stepping forward to join the cause.

Ariel India’s Dads #ShareTheLoad movement has over the past two months, garnered extensive local and global acclaim, with the campaign joining women across India in amplifying their debate for household equality. The ‘Dad #ShareTheLoad’ film has already received close to 50 million views globally. The conversation of inequality within the household, particularly when it comes to household chores is one of growing social importance for women across the country and indeed the world.

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