Landor & Fitch bring alive “digital sugar”

Revolutionary, bold, inspiring – marked the beginning for Landor & Fitch, to explore a new canvas of visual and verbal brand identity – for transforming Sugarbox. Aligning change to business goals, vision, and an ambitious future-forward story, needs the combined power of creativity and clarity for the brand to speak to its stakeholders. Taking this road and keeping the core message at heart – enabling equalized access to digital experiences – Landor & Fitch conceptualised the distinctive new identity for the tech start-up Sugarbox

Elaborating how team Landor & Fitch worked on the new brand identity, Lulu Raghavan, Managing Director, Landor & Fitch, shares, “One of the things that truly impressed us was that an organization in the technology domain was thinking about brand identity as a powerful signal of change and transformation. We met the Leadership team and understood that Sugarbox as an organization was focused to embrace innovation. This is where the idea of ‘the link to limitless’ took form. It was a straightforward brief - focused positioning and memorable messaging. This gave us an opportunity to make a difference and showcase the metaphor of a sweet box, aesthetically and verbally”. 

The brand refresh process commanded a rigorous approach. Different aspects that would influence the brand strategy the company’s vision, its plan of execution, customers, and their mindsets – all were taken into consideration. The team analyzed what the customers think about the brand today, and how the brand should be positioned in the future. From a cultural context, factors such as ‘Digital India’, its future and the narrative around connectivity in the country, were assessed. After much deliberation, the team arrived at this aspirational, powerful idea of ‘the link to limitless’ – a place where anyone and everyone would benefit from reliable and contextual digital access.

The creative team then joined forces and worked on defining the archetype - the Sugarbox persona - a process that is critical to develop an identity. The team envisioned this persona as empowering, revolutionary, agile, and inspiring – refreshing aspects for a brand in the tech industry. Conceptually, aspects of ‘digital sugar’ were developed to reflect the digital experiences enabled for consumers, in a limitless mode. The focus was crystal clear, to curate Sugarbox as a relatable, vibrant, and a distinctive brand that sets the benchmark as a platform that enables. The color palette, typefaces, combination of bold colors with warm colors, the typography - all these elements were meticulously weaved in, to create the Sugarbox visual language.

“The intent of this brand transformation delivers two-fold objectives – to deepen our commitment as enablers of digital access and emphasize on the potential to impact Digitisation. It is the need of the hour to stay relevant for our stakeholders, with simplicity and potential. The idea of ‘the link to limitless’ speaks about our focus to build the internet of the future of Connected Devices, Applications, People and Things. We are glad that team Landor & Fitch brilliantly connected all the dots to bring forth a powerful narrative for the brand”, quotes Rohit Paranjpe, Co-founder and CEO Sugarbox.



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