Largest video OTT players driven by male visitors: Comscore

Largest video OTT players driven by male visitors: Comscore
Largest video OTT players driven by male visitors: Comscore

Top 10 OTTs are driven by male audiences who make almost six out of 10 of its audience, except Zee5 where split is almost equal for both genders, according to research by Comscore.

Google Play Music, Netflix and Zee 5 have over 43% female audience, says the survey. Despite higher share of male visitors, engagement is higher among female visitors.

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Despite higher share of male visitors, engagement is higher among female visitors. Females engage more with the top 10 OTTs compared to Males (avg minutes per visitor). Females spend 1.14 X times more time on YouTube as compared to their Male counterparts. Gaana is the only OTT among top 10 OTTs where Male audiences spend more time on the app compared to females.

One in three people (overall population penetration) in India consume OTT content.

The number of OTT players in the market have only increased in number every year since the year 2018. A huge growth of 13% was seen from April’20 to ’21 driven by growth in Video OTTs.

However, audio OTTs have seen a drop in visitors since April’20.

  • Multiple factors could have led to the growth of Video OTTs like Covid-19, penetration of smart phones, affordable and easily accessible internet through mobile data, 3G/4G technologies and connected TVs.

OTT category consumption is driven by male audience, but female visitors display higher engagement with the category.

AVOD players command high reach in the category and this could be resulting in a lot more SVOD players moving towards mixed models (SVOD+ AVOD) or TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand) model like Prime Video.

Visitors from categories like Travel, Food/Supermarket/Grocery, Retail- Apparel and Games are highly likely to visit OTT Platforms as compared to any other average internet sites.

YouTube, Netflix and Gaana have higher engagement among users aged 35+. Spotify, Hotstar & MX Player have higher engagement among younger visitors aged 15-24. Among Zee5 and PrimeVideo visitors, 25–34-year-olds engage most with the platforms.

Voot is the only OTT whose reach is driven by its female visitors. Zee5 has an almost equal male-to-female audience ratio. MX Player, PRIMEVIDEO.COM, SONLYLIV.COM and Airtel TV has an over 65% male audience. ULLU.APP’s male audience composition (85%) is the highest amongst the OTTs.

Largest share of OTT viewers are from Maharastra and Goa.  Over one in five visitors of Tata Play are from Maharastra and  Goa. Almost 20% of Voot, Alt Balaji, Netflix and Ullu visitors are from Maharastra & Goa. Visitors of this state cluster show high engagement for MX Player & Hotstar.

Seven in 10 viewers of AHA.VIDEO are from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Over 1 in 5 SUNNXT.COM and Airtel TV visitors are from Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

Largest share of Prime Video visitors are from Andra Pradesh and Telangana.

Almost half of SUNNXT.COM visitors are from Tamil Nadu. One in four visitors of SUNNXT.COM are from Karnataka and they also have high engagement (Avg 335 Mins per Visitor)

On average a visitor spends over 100 mins on Hotstar, MX Player and Netflix. On average a visitor spends 2.3 X times more time on YouTube as compared to SUNNXT.COM (next closest competitor by engagement).

16 Comscore MMX Multi-Platform, Video OTT Players, April 2022; India

Almost one in three visitors of ALTBALAJI.COM are from Uttar Pradesh. Visitors engage highly with Netflix. A visitor spends an average of over 300 mins on Netflix. The majority of MX Players visitors are from UP after Maharashtra and Goa.

JioTV and Hotstar have a high share of visitors from West Bengal, Sikkim & Odisha. SUNNXT has 1.3X times more engagement than YouTube (Avg Mins per Visitor). Higher proportion of YUPPTV.COM visitors than any other OTT come from West Bengal, Sikkim and Odisha.


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