Lay’s Gourmet ad missing in action as world mourns Queen’s death

The passing away of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch of the UK at the age of 96, has left the world mourning her death. The popular queen was played by numerous actors and models in several movies and ads over the years. One ad in recent times that depicted the Queen, though not overtly shown as Queen Elizabeth, was that of Lay’s Gourmet.

Following the Queen’s demise yesterday, the Lay’s Gourmet ad has been taken off social media, though one can still see it on YouTube.

Released in August this year, PepsiCo’s ad for its premium range of slow-cooked premium kettle chips, Lay’s Gourmet, likened the experience of consuming the chips as no less than a royal occasion.

To highlight this, the ad showcases a young Indian tourist sightseeing abroad. As the young man gets ready to open a pack of Lay’s Gourmet chips, he is approached by two guards, who bundle him on to a horse carriage and taken to a grand palace.

He is taken to a huge dining hall to dine with the Queen. There he gets to finally consume his bags of chips, which, the Queen reminds him, is no ordinary pack, but Lay’s Gourmet, a royal indulgence indeed.

Indians remember Queen Elizabeth II quite fondly as she was very popular here as well, especially Mumbai’s famous dabbawalas. India has declared a state mourning on September 11, 2022, in the Queen’s honour.

Meanwhile, the highly popular series, The Crown’, which is based on Queen Elizabeth II reign, is planning to pause production in her honour.


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