Lessons in social distancing – the brand way

By now, almost everyone across the world has become aware of the ways in which to protect themselves from getting infected with the Coronavirus, thanks to intensive campaigns by governments, the administration, by the media, by brands. 

Over the last few weeks, we have seen numerous campaigns on observing social distancing, washing or sanitising one’s hands, donning masks and staying at home. 

Social distancing is the practice of maintaining a distance from others and not engaging in any social activity. WHO and several Government health organisations have advised people to stay at home and only come out if absolutely necessary. 

This breaks the chain of the spread of the virus. The biological nature of COVID-19 is such that it can be spread through touch and engaging with others. 

Initiatives by brands 

Meanwhile, brands across the world have taken it upon themselves to spread the importance of observing social distancing through innovative social media brand posts. 

Many have tweaked their logo designs to get across the message of social distancing, while some have made use of interesting taglines and have also used humour. Others have been using facts and relatability to communicate the message. 

Social distancing is extremely important, especially in India, which is the second most populated country. Here is how brands have played their role:

Coca Cola



Burger King




AXN : 

 Sony BBC Earth

Shaping Health (Lupin):


Sab TV


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