LIC of India tops advertisers’ list on Radio in Jan-Mar 2021: TAM AdEx

Radio Ad Volumes registered a 6% per cent growth during January-March 2021, compared to the same period in 2020. However, compared to the October-December 2020 period, Radio Ad volumes saw a 12% decline in January-March 2021, a per TAM AdEx’s analysis on radio advertising in the first three months of 2021.

According to TAM AdEx, 130+ categories registered a positive growth in Jan-Mar’21 over Jan-Mar’20 on Radio. LIC of India topped among the 3,400+ active advertisers on Radio during Jan-Mar’21, with four out of the Top 10 brands belonging to LIC of India. Gujarat state was on top with 20% share of ad volumes on Radio, followed by Maharashtra with 16% share.

In the span of the last 6 months, March 2021 registered the highest Ad Volumes for Radio, while the lowest Ad Volumes were recorded in February 2021. March 2021 saw 3% more Ad Volumes compared to October 2021.

The Services sector topped with more than 1/4th of Radio Ad Volumes during Jan-Mar’21. The Top 3 sectors together added 55% share of Radio Ad Volumes and maintained their positions compared to Jan-Mar’20. Rank of the Auto sector improved from 5th to 4th in Jan-Mar’21 over Jan-Mar’20.

Properties/ Real Estates category maintained its 1st position during Jan-Mar’21 with 11% share of Ad Volumes. Life Insurance was the 2nd most advertised category on Radio during Jan-Mar’21. Housing/ Construction Loans and Cement were the new entrants in the Top 10 list of categories in Jan-Mar’21 compared to Jan-Mar’20.

Properties/ Real Estates among categories saw the highest increase in Ad secondages with growth of 28%, followed by Corporate - Pharma/ Healthcare with 8x growth during Jan-Mar’21 compared to Jan-Mar’20.

The Top 10 advertisers together added 21% share of Ad Volumes during Jan-Mar’21. During Jan-Mar’21, there were a total of 4,200+ brands present on Radio advertising. The Top 10 brands on Radio were a mix of BFSI and Auto sectors. The Top 10 brands together added 13% share of the Ad Volumes on Radio.

Over 2,300 advertisers and 3,000 brands exclusively advertised on Radio during Jan-Mar’21, compared to Jan-Mar’20. Pfizer was the top exclusive advertiser and brand during Jan-Mar’21, compared to Jan-Mar’20.

Gujarat state was on top with 20% share of Ad volumes on Radio, followed by Maharashtra with 16% share, and Tamil Nadu with 10% share. The Top 5 States accounted for 63% of total Ad Volumes, while South Radio Stations accounted for 26% share on Radio. New Delhi topped among the 18 cities on Radio, followed by Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Indore and Nagpur. The Top 10 cities accounted for 69% of total Ad Volumes on Radio.

In both the Clusters, Properties/ Real Estates topped on Radio with 12% share in Cluster 1 and 10% share in Cluster 2. Seven of the Top 10 categories were common between both Clusters, which included – Properties/ Real Estates, Life Insurance, Cars, Housing/ Construction Loans, Retail Outlets - Jewellers, Hospital/ Clinics, and Retail Outlets - Electronics/ Durables. The Top 10 categories added 46% share of Ad Volumes for Cluster 1 (comprising Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai) and 44% share for Cluster 2 (Excluding the 4 metros in Cluster 1) during Jan-Mar’21.

LIC of India topped among the advertisers of Cluster 1 and Cluster 2 on Radio. Eight of the Top 10 advertisers were common between both Clusters. The Top 10 advertisers added 30% share of Ad Volumes for Cluster 1 and 18% share for Cluster 2 during Jan-Mar’21.

Prime Time was the most preferred time-band on Radio, followed by Morning and Afternoon time-bands. Prime Time, Morning & Afternoon time bands together added 73% share of ad volumes.

Ad lengths on Radio saw similar share of Ad Volumes in both the periods. Ad Commercials of 20-40 seconds duration were the most preferred for advertising on Radio during both the periods.


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