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Lifebuoy creates huge public awareness on ‘Hygienic Living’ in Kumbh Mela

Lifebuoy, the world’s No.1 germ protection brand has been acknowledged as ‘Swasthya Sehbhagi’ in Kumbh Mela 2019. The Mela Authorities have recognized the efforts of Lifebuoy to encourage people to adopt the healthy habit of hand-washing through a series of highly innovative initiatives.

Lifebuoy, which debuted Roti with a handwashing message at the last Kumbh to wide acclaim, has now taken that thought a few steps further, with interventions around two key handwashing occasions – after toilet, and before consuming food.

Appreciating Lifebuoy’s efforts at the Kumbh Mela, ACMO Dr. V. K. Mishra, Nodal Officer Sanitation Kumbh Mela Prayagraj said, “We appreciate the role played by Lifebuoy as ‘Swasthya Sehbhagi’ (Hygiene Partner) in this grand event to spread the message of hygiene and sanitation. We are hopeful that these initiatives will help drive a behavioral change among the masses.

Shedding light on the recognition and thought process behind the interventions, Harman Dhillon, the General Manager of Skin Cleansing at HUL shared, “It is matter of great honour to be recognised by the Kumbh authority for our efforts as ‘Swasthya Sehbhagi’. Recognitions like these reaffirm our belief and serve as motivation to keep innovating with our approach to encourage more and more people to adopt handwashing before eating and after using the toilet as a habit.”

Lifebuoy has activated following initiatives at Kumbh Mela 2019:

Lifebuoy Stamp of Hygiene – After Toilet Protection

Lifebuoy Stamp of Hygiene aims to trigger people to wash their hands after using the toilet. A visual red stamp is marked on to people’s hands before they go to toilet by a Lifebuoy representative outside select Akharas. As people try and wash off the stamp with water post using the toilet, the stamp lathers into soap and helps provide superior germ protection.

Vote for Good Health, Vote for Lifebuoy!

Vote for Good Health, Vote for Lifebuoy! With election fever round the corner, Lifebuoy has created ‘Vote for health dispensers’ which have been strategically placed near Food halls & Akhadas to remind pilgrims to wash their hands and to adopt handwashing as a practice at 5 crucial moments through a day. The handwash zone has Lifebuoy representatives dressed as ‘party workers’ introducing people to Lifebuoy ‘Chuno Sehat’ campaign and offering visitors a unique handwashing experience. The party workers enumerate the benefits of handwashing and urge people to vote on the Lifebuoy vote for health machines and wash their hands. They also affix a red ‘mark’ on their fingernails (just like in election) to serve as a reminder of their commitment.

Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetna Thali

The ‘Swasthya Chetna Thalis’ serve as the second reminder for people to wash their hands right before they consume their meal. The thalis come with an etched message of “Kripaya Pehle Sabun se Haath Dhoyein” - a clear call to action to anyone who has sat down for a meal without a simple wash of hands which could prevent as many as 21 illnesses from entering the human body.

Adding further on Lifebuoy’s mission on lifesaving, Harman Dhillon, the General Manager of Skin Cleansing at HUL said, “Lifebuoy is committed to finding ways to protect people from illnesses and improve health outcomes, one wash of hands at a time.”


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