LinkedIn releases new guides for marketers to build brand online

LinkedIn has published new guides designed to provide specific guidance on how marketers can build their brands on LinkedIn.

As explained by Linkedin, the steps are as follows

Step 1. Define your objectives

Objectives are essential to any marketing campaign, but more so on LinkedIn because your choice of objectives will determine how your campaigns are optimised towards members most likely to take your desired action. We use past and predicted platform data to make that call. 

Step 2. Build a compelling organic presence

The greater your organic reach, the more it can amplify your brand marketing efforts on LinkedIn. Start by creating a solid community on your LinkedIn Page and continue to engage your audience regularly by sharing great content. This drives followers, which gives you a great base to test and optimise different types of organic content. You can also choose to repurpose the best-performing pieces for targeted paid campaigns. 

Step 3. Target with precision

LinkedIn targeting is unique because members are incentivised to keep their profiles accurate and up-to-date. After defining your audience based on their professional attributes or uploading your contact, account or website visitor list, you can use Matched Audiences, Audience Expansion and Lookalike Audiences to quickly scale your reach before, during and after your campaign. 

Step 4: Choose your ad format mix

LinkedIn ad formats are designed to work in harmony to help you achieve your objectives. In ‘Read Me’, we take a comprehensive look at all available ad formats on LinkedIn, then recommend tried-and-tested combinations that you can use to grow brand awareness efficiently and effectively.

Step 5: Monitor KPIs and measure ROI 

The #1 barrier to brand building is the inability to see short-term results. It’s important to protect your brand investments from premature ROI, so in ‘Read Me’, we clarify the difference between KPIs and ROI and explain why a long-term measurement mindset is necessary. This is information that you can share with your stakeholders as well. 

Finally, to wrap up, the guide ends with an overview that summarises what you need to build a stronger brand presence on LinkedIn. 


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