Lionsgate Play streams true-crime docuseries “Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?"

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?, an upcoming docuseries on Lionsgate Play, follows the life of the daughter of one of the biggest media tycoons, Robert Maxwell. The crime documentary dives deep into the life of the famous former British socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell, and uncovers how she ended up helping American financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein abuse and sexually exploit underage girls.
Directed by BAFTA-nominated documentary director and producer Erica Gornall and produced by award-winning producer-director and investigative journalist Katherine Haywood, the bold and contemporary three-episode series is set to release on Lionsgate Play on July 8th, 2022.

Following the chain of events that landed her as a high-profile sex offender, here are five things that you may not have known about Ghislaine Maxwell

She spent her initial years with her brother, Michael Maxwell who was in the state of coma

Ghislaine Maxwell was born on 25th December 1961, and three days after her birth, her 15-year-old brother Michael was in a car crash that crashed into a lorry along a foggy Oxfordshire road, where he would end up spending the remaining seven years of his life in a coma.

Growing up neglected

After the death of her brother Michael, Ghislaine spent her first few years in complete emotional neglect. Unfortunately, this neglect also resulted in her developing anorexia at a very early age.

Growing up with a “draconian father”

John Preston's biography, “Fall: The Mysterious Life and Death of Robert Maxwell, Britain's Most Notorious Media Baron”, mentions that Ghislaine grew up with a sort of "draconian father" who abused his children both physically and verbally.

A strong love for her father

As a young girl, she soon became her father’s favourite, after initial years of neglect. She was known to be spoilt lavishly with the best they could provide. She soon grew a strong bond with her father and was left devastated after his death.

The desire for power

Ghislaine had naturally followed in her father’s footsteps in the desire to seek more power. She was known to not be very close to women, but she founded a private member's club exclusively for women.


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