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Liquid Thread's Brian Terkelsen on the company and global trends

Adgully caught up with Brian Terkelsen, President and MD, Liquid Thread at GoaFest 2011. With multiple clients, Liquid Thread weaves branded content into various screens. This recently formed unit of Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) is aimed at creating and classifying content across various screens. This will enhance marketer’s goals.  Let’s read on to find out what the area of expertise is for Liquid Thread and Terkelsen’s views on the Indian digital industry. 

Adgully: What is your opinion of the digital industry in India?

Brain Terkelsen: To be honest, my understanding of the digital industry in India is limited at best, but I know that it is growing industry and our primary focus at Starcom MediaVest Group is to grow the digital and social space in general. I would say there is plenty of room for growth. However it is already here, so if you are not doing digital then you are way behind.

Ag: What is the area of expertise at Liquid Thread?

BT: Liquid Thread is a content practice that has digital and social at its centre. We have being doing this essentially in North America and now on a global basis for over a year. However it is an evolution of content practice we have had at SMG for over fifteen years.

Ag: What are some of the challenges that exist in front of the agency as of today?

BT: Some of the setbacks that we are facing are clients who believe that standard media hasn’t changed and that exposure is the only game to play and those who think that there are no new metrics. We need to understand that there is new measurement and there are new ways to actually advance not only the media space but the digital and content space as well. This is what most clients need to be moving into.

Ag: Could you tell us more about your global partners?

BT: We do a lot of work across the globe for a litany of brands. So we work with Microsoft, P&G, General Motors, Kraft, Samsung, Walmart and so on.

Ag: Do you think there has to be a change in mind set of the clients in India in terms of being more receptive to the new medium?

BT: One hundred per cent! There has to be a change in mind set everywhere, not just in India. Digital growth is tremendous. It is not going to go away. It a platform that is here to stay, and it is something that we have to begin to master before it eludes us.

Ag: What do you think will enable the entry of FMCG sector into the new medium?

BT: I think the best thing that FMCG could do is begin to understand that their message is not just about informing but it has to be about entertaining. And it cannot be just about brand claim language anymore, the content has to be relevant and it has to be entertaining.

Ag: Could you share with us some of the international trends that you have noticed?

BT: The biggest international trend that I have noticed is that governments are beginning to relax their controls over their veracity of the rules around how brands are integrated into content.

Ag: Is there anything else you would like to add?

BT: I just love India! I am here and am having a fantastic time.





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