Listen & respond better to customers via automated sales feedback loops

Authored by Nishant Chaudhary, Co-Founder, Nikulsan.

There is a popular saying that if you want your business to improve, then you have to listen to your customers. Theoretically, it sounds sensible. Then again, the fact is that only few customers who are unhappy with your product or service will complain.

Feedbacks from unhappy customers are not really amazing and if you listen to only these few feedbacks, then the improvement you will get will always be one that is reactive.

A quick response during the crisis mode is very essential, but if only responding to the crisis is all you ever do, then it becomes pointless, because it seems like you only do so when those cases arise, which is not good for business.

So, what is a feedback loop? At its best, it is a system designed to enable companies compile external information about their products and services, and then add it up to the internal hunches and perception of the company, and as a result, cause a substantial improvement in the product or service offered by the company.

The loop works by developing feedback experiments, extrapolate perceptions, and measure results to understand a specific thing about your leads, visitor and customer sections to improve other areas of the business.

For instance, if you wish to create deliberate partnerships with other brands, you can decide to automate a survey that reaches the customers that have been patronizing you for six months.

Some questions like what is the lifestyle of your customers? Why they patronize you? Which other place do they shop online? Can result in new partnerships, and as the base of your customers grow, you will easily get new sources of perceptions and ideas.

For example, Adohm Sales suit uses the sales feedback loop feature, and in this process; the sales representative reports a feedback about a lead quality; it could be good, bad or junk. This feedback automatically goes to the marketing unit of the suit, where the campaign is running. This process is automated, hence Adohm saves more money and business is able to reach the right and better customers to serve them better. When feedback loop is automated, there is no waste of marketing budget.

How automating sales feedback loop to your marketing can skyrocket your business

The goal of a Customer Feedback System is allowing the Business to Understand Customers and Clients.

Without saying much, a client feedback system helps and in other cases, encourages customers to share the thoughts and opinions they have about a company, their products or services. It is done on the internet, so it doesn’t backfire correct? This process allows the companies to gather information about the demographics, buying habits, likes, and lots more of their customers. The company can then analyze the data collected and use them to develop a better and more improved marketing strategy to optimize sales.  

Companies use Feedback Systems to Identify Customers and Clients that are Unhappy  

Most feedback systems are created to distinguish between those customers that are happy or not, based on their past scores and other information of similar nature. The system then commences a protocol or measures based on the information collected to resolve the complaints or problems of the customers in order to prevent any of them from closing their accounts, leaving a negative response or leaving the group.

Companies can use the Client Feedback Systems to Analyze Information

Another importance of the customer feedback system is that it enables you interpret and analyze a customer’s feedback, as they work in the same manner as other survey tools. What it means is, the system can compile all the raw data collected, and then turn them into graphs, tables and other tools that are useful. Once it is done, your business can use it to assess all the responses.

Companies can Automate Feedback Systems to Make Data Collection and Analysis Easier

A good thing here is that companies and businesses can automate client feedback systems to make data collection easier and more convenient. All that you have to do is set up the system and it will collect and compile all customer response data on autopilot

Feedback Systems Enables you to communicate with your Clients

A customer feedback system, aside from collecting and compiling customer data, also enables you to reach out to your customers. For instance, clients and customers can share the thoughts and opinions they have about your company and your services in the feedback boxes and surveys. It is considered one of the most efficient ways to engage your customers. A customer feedback system enables your business to engage your customers and to also understand them.

Nishant Chaudhary, Co-Founder of Nikulsan (A leading digital marketing firm), is a young entrepreneur and a TEDx Speaker who started Nikulsan in 2011 in India. Nishant holds over 8 years of experience and is a seasoned digital persona, leader, and strategist in Digital Media.

Specializing in various domains of Digital Media such as Adtech, Artificial Intelligence in Digital Advertising, Strategic Campaigns, Marketing and Communications, Strategy - Digital Media & Social Media Marketing and Project Management, Nishant possesses a vast amount of experience in the digital advertising and digital marketing, helping many of the top brands in India such as Airtel, Apollo Hospitals, Walmart India, Somany Ceramics, Sobha Developers etc.


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