Logicserve creates the ‘Wave of Freedom’ with Tata Motors Finance

Year after year, Independence Day has always been that day of the year where each one of us joins together in a celebration of joy, honour and most importantly, freedom. It’s the day when we hold our head high with pride about being born in this country. 

But this year is unlike any other. We can't march on the streets with flags flying high in our hands. We can't hug our neighbours and congratulate each other on yet another year of independence. We can't stand outdoors in groups and sing our national anthem. Put simply, we can't celebrate it the way we always have. Which brings us to the question, ‘how is India going to celebrate Independence Day this year?’ 

 Logicserve Digital, a digital marketing company and the Indian arm of Logicserve Group, crafts a beautiful campaign that highlights how irrespective of the situation, nothing can stop us Indians to come together and celebrate our independence. 

 So, on this momentous day, the agency conceptualized and executed a unique branded music video that brought together 50+ artists, from all walks of life and all parts of India. Together, they recreated the song Saare Jahaan Se Acha from within the confines of their homes. All these frames were well-coordinated, with everyone expressing their love for the nation in their own unique style, and ultimately forming the “Wave of Freedom” towards the end. The wave represents our Indian Flag with people donning the colours of the flag. This wave unites us, even in this brief period of social separation and also celebrates everything that makes us Indians.


Talking about the wave this video created within the organization, Parminder Multani CMO of Tata Motors Finance said, “We did not only want to celebrate Independence Day, but also wanted to celebrate over 60 years of cause of nation building that Tata Motors Finance has put in since existence and shall continue to do so. That's the legacy of Tata Motors Finance. A brand that has always strived to give stability and strength to customers with its range of products and services. 

 Through this video, we have achieved to say that the new normal doesn’t have to look any different and it cannot suppress our spirit of celebrating Independence Day. It can still be the same, it can still be the celebration of joy and honour.”

 Commenting on how this idea was conceptualized, Manesh Swamy, VP- Creative, Logicserve Digital, said, “We Indians love our festivities, the way we celebrate sets us apart from the rest of the world, but in the current scenarios festivities has taken a back seat and the vibe is not the brightest, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on the celebration and acknowledge what we have. We wanted to show how Tata Motors Finance as a brand is helping a diverse set of people coming together and celebrating their financial independence, and thus a powerful visual mnemonic of #WaveOfFreedom was born.”         



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