Made for Them As Well: A Log9 campaign showcasing the grim reality of climate inaction

Human intervention has been the fundamental cause of climate change. Over the centuries, humanity’s irresponsible actions have left the environment at the precipice of irreversible damage. Yet, Log9 Materials, a Bengaluru-headquartered deep-tech and advanced energy storage tech startup, believes there's hope for the future. That's why, ever since its inception, Log9 has invested in pioneering responsible energy solutions that infuse conscience into commerce. Because they believe this planet isn't just made for us humans, but “MADE FOR THEM AS WELL”; ‘them’ in this context refers to those endangered animals who are suffering today due to the adverse effects of climate change.

Today, India is the 3rd largest contributor of Green House Gas Emissions in the world, with the energy sector contributing upto 75 per cent towards the same. Given the inflection point that India is still at, there is no reason to think that the energy demand is coming down anytime soon. Now, let's add another perspective on this front: India is also the country with the most threatened mammals in the world.  Now, maybe you are wondering what the correlation is between these two stats! In most cases, what we consider repercussions of our actions are what we see, experience, and feel, but we never realize there is much more to it than meets the eye. We never learn the impact of our actions in our cozy urban dwellings can have on an ecosystem thousands of miles away. That is the perspective this brand campaign of Log9 attempts to bridge.

The "MADE FOR THEM AS WELL" campaign by Log9 Materials visually showcases how grassroots changes to the sustainable energy ecosystem cascade into widespread impacts on the environment and the planet as a whole. Visually, the campaign juxtaposes endangered wildlife with Log9's trademark indigenously-manufactured cells, illustrating the unique way its deep tech-led innovation positively influences the ecosystem, now and in the future.

Speaking on the initiative, Vivek Nair, Head-Brand Strategy & Marketing says, “Log9’s ‘Made for Them as Well’ is a brand campaign conceptualized to sensitize citizens in India and global markets about how our decisions on energy usage have way more far-fetched implications than we can imagine. In the pursuit of realizing Log9’s purpose of ‘Pioneering Responsible Energy”, we believe every single individual has a role to play; and hence through this campaign, we urge our stakeholders internal and external, to spread this message far and wide and get the relevant and much needed conversations to begin today. The campaign will tap into digital and social media, events and exhibitions, and we will also be exploring the more mainstream ATL channels as we move ahead in the campaign. We also intend to extend this cause with partners and players who also share a similar vision as ours.”

Under the aegis of the campaign, Log9 is putting out striking visuals of how varied endangered species across the globe call for a revolution in the way humans have exploited resources, and thereby intends to leave a message to relook every single action of us human beings every single day. Whether it be something small from cutting down on plastic to even reading about the electric transformation, Log9 hopes some transformative action can be driven that could ultimately lead to a larger change.

Notably, made with the most-advanced high-power cell technology available and engineered to handle high temperatures without posing a safety risk, unlike inferior Li-ion EV batteries/cells, Log9’s TiB cells can withstand a temperature from -30  to 60 degrees Celsius, which makes it suitable for any operating environment globally. Given the high energy density, TiB delivers excellent characteristics, including safety, long life, low-temperature performance, rapid charging, high input/output power and a wide usable SOC range. The campaign portrays the direct correlation between Log9's innovative cell technology and the ecosystem at large; it also showcases how anything Log9 makes is done with the environment and planet in mind.


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