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Mahindra Lifespaces’ shock stats highlight how much water your shower wastes

Finally, people have started talking about Water Conservation. Be it social media, local tea stalls, or the Parliament, the subject has gained prominence among the decision makers. The change has come after Chennai faced a major water shortage and several top cities were declared to be on the brink of facing a similar crisis. Once people across the country saw residents of Chennai grappling with empty reservoirs, a lot of sense started prevailing and they were ready to take action to prevent such a situation. 

Water conservation is one of the key subjects of discussion and action around the world. Government and private institutions have come together to create programmes and models, where citizens can be made aware of the techniques for water conservation. 

People are willing to take stringent action, especially after they hear life-altering stats, such as almost 72 per cent of the ground level water has disappeared, and that there is still a way to improve this situation. 

In the most recent endeavour, Mahindra Lifespaces launched a social media campaign called #ShowerKiSachchai, which focuses on creating awareness and drive behavioural change to support water conservation in India. The campaign is a part of their umbrella initiative, ‘I Am Green Army’, which aims to create one million caring citizens focusing on the importance of inculcating green and sustainable living habits like energy conservation, preservation of water and also reducing waste along with recycling and reusing materials. 

A research by the brand revealed that almost 6,600 litres of water can be saved by a family of four if they shifted from using a shower to using buckets. 

#ShowerKiSachchai highlights the potential wastage of water as people spend a long time under the shower while taking a bath. While the digital video takes a quirky, eccentric broadcast style approach, the #ShowerKiSachchai microsite provides with tips for water conservation. 


Ayyappa Masagi, ‘Water Warrior Of India’; Rajendra Singh, ‘Waterman Of India’ and winner of Magsaysay and Stockhold Water Prize; and Subhajit Mukherjee, Founder of ‘Mission Green Mumbai’, have lent their support to the campaign. The campaign also highlights the achievements of these water conservationists and their journey to these achievements. 




Talking about the inspiration for this campaign, Hariharan Iyer, Associate Director - Brand Communications, Gozoop, said, “We wanted to spread the awareness about how much water is wasted while using a shower. It is a pleasing experience after a hard day’s work, but at what cost? People did not know the truth and we had to reveal it, hence the “Sachchai” in Shower Ki Sachchai.” 

Hariharan Iyer, Associate Director - Brand Communications, Gozoop
Hariharan Iyer, Associate Director - Brand Communications, Gozoop

The first campaign video takes a very sensational news-broadcast style approach. It almost feels as though some kind of truth is set to be revealed with the ‘Shower’ being the accused. Speaking about it, Iyer said, “Many social media campaigns look and sound the same. We wanted to shock people with the truth and give it a fresh and different perspective and that’s why we took the angle of making it look as if some breaking news is going to be revealed.” 

The digital video aims to generate curiosity amongst the viewers and grab the attention of the viewer, such that when he dives in a little deeper, the ill-effects of using a shower are revealed. The campaign complements the interviews with the water conservationist as they are informative. 

Sunil Sharma, Chief Customer Officer, Mahindra Lifespaces Developers
Sunil Sharma, Chief Customer Officer, Mahindra Lifespaces Developers

The marketing objective for this campaign is quite straightforward. As Sunil Sharma, Chief Customer Officer, Mahindra Lifespaces Developers, shared, “The marketing objective was very simple. It was about getting people to change their behaviour and attitude towards water conservation. The purpose was to drive this change amongst people and see the effect each individual has when it comes to water conservation. We wanted to influence people positively to have a positive effect on water conservation.” 

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Mahindra Lifespaces as a brand claims to keep environment conservation first, as “the environment is very close to our hearts”, said Sharma. 

The company promotes sustainable living through its green rated projects across the nation. Through campaigns like #CutTheCrap (Mahindra Rise) or #ShowerKiSachchai (Mahindra Lifespaces), the Mahindra Group has made many efforts to bring environmental conservation to the forefront. #ShowerKiSachchai garnered about 200,000 views on their video in the first couple of week with about 50,000 site visits and about 8,000 pledges taken up by users. 

With global warming and climate change being among the biggest threats to life on Earth, conservation of our environment becomes extremely important. As humans and citizens of this planet, it is our duty to sustain the environment around us not only for the people who exist in it, but also for future generations. These issues exist globally and initiatives by brands like Mahindra Lifespaces bring this to the forefront of our everyday lives and also make people aware as to how to tackle it. When the issue is real and the communication is done in an impactful way – as Mahindra Lifespaces has done – the call to action is stronger as more and more people choose to take a stand. 

Mahindra Lifespaces Developers is the real estate and infrastructure development arm of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. Formerly known Mahindra GESCO Developers Limited, the company was renamed in 2007 as Mahindra Lifespaces Developers Ltd. GESCO was converted into a public limited company back in 1999. 

Mahindra Lifespaces has both residential and corporate projects all over the country in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. The company is also known for its commitment towards sustainable urbanisation through its ‘I Am Green Army’ initiative. Mahindra Lifespaces claims to be one of the first real estate companies in India to have committed to global Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and also have a 100 per cent green certified product portfolio.


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