Majority aware of CoinDCX as leading crypto exchange

CoinDCX, India’s leading, and most valuable crypto company conducted an empirical study across 15 cities to understand the awareness of crypto created by exchanges across India. The survey has over 2000 respondents across platforms.

The survey stated that the awareness of the brand is 91% i.e., near-universal and highest among crypto users as compared to other crypto exchanges. While 74% of non-crypto users are aware of CoinDCX as well. Over 41% of respondents which included crypto and non-crypto users stated that they recalled CoinDCX spontaneously of which 21% had a top-of-mind recall of the exchange. This was followed by other leading exchanges worldwide.

It is noteworthy to mention that the awareness and app trials for CoinDCX are higher in the East zone among crypto users. Additionally, the research indicated that the consideration for CoinDCX as a brand is 79% among female crypto users as compared to 67% among male crypto users. However, the lack of credible information and jargons associated with investments makes them reluctant to invest.

The study brings forward significant variations in overall awareness, acceptance, and perception of digital assets amongst different demographic and geographic segments in India. Having an easy interface along with safety and security features in place were some important hygiene factors that were considered by the respondents for choosing CoinDCX as their preferred exchange. Overall, the research stated that CoinDCX as an exchange stands out as a ‘user-friendly platform’, ‘ease of withdrawing money, and ‘has the best referral program’.

Mr. Ramalingam S, Heading Brand ,Marketing & Communications at CoinDCX said, “We are delighted that our brand CoinDCX has the highest recall in the crypto industry. This is a testament to our cornerstone strategy; that education and awareness are key to the growth of the crypto industry. Our education-led content is designed to help the masses easily learn about the fundamentals of crypto assets with an aim to strengthen our faith in India’s financial inclusion. This has resonated with the masses, making CoinDCX an affable and meaningful brand. At CoinDCX we believe in building trust amongst our customers and investors and reinforcing our commitment to imbue openness and transparency through marketing and communications efforts.”

Notably, the research stated that online channels such as websites, internet searches, influencers, and content creators on social media play key roles as the biggest touchpoints for the brand among crypto users. While newspapers, online articles, and stories are the key drivers among non-crypto users, the data also stated that referrals from friends and family helped gain further trust.


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