#MakePotatoGreat - Crispy Potaco's video campaign conceptualised by Ogilvy Delhi

Taco Bell is set to make its way into the hearts of potato lovers across India. The brand has just launched a unique potato centric take on the traditional taco.  The all new Crispy Potaco will give this much-loved vegetable a new identity…it will no longer play the sidekick in most meals. 

The potato has been discriminated against for far too long. The mighty spud suffers silently as it is crushed between burger buns, forced into a samosa, drowned in ketchup. The potato is oppressed. Why isn’t anyone speaking up? Because frankly, we’ve taken the potato for granted. Not anymore. It’s time we gave the potato it’s chance to shine.

When Taco Bell presented a product which has the potential to make potato great, Ogilvy stepped up to the challenge.  The Crispy Potaco from Taco Bell is a product so revolutionary, it could only be introduced by a mad, potato-loving genius. Enter Tanmay Bhat.  The digital film starring Tanmay, India’s very popular comedian, connects with Taco Bell’s mission of making potato great.

Tanmay Bhat pitches the product to investors, who are floored by the novelty of the product.  With the potato being on the outside, the Crispy Potaco lets the potato really shine through, so much so, that you will want to put your money behind it.

Commenting on the launch of Crispy Potaco, Sidharth Shukla, Vice President and Head of Digital, Ogilvy Delhi: Getting the opportunity to launch another innovative product such as the Crispy Potaco for Taco Bell India was truly awesome. Everyone was geared up, all set to break previous milestones that we had established on both the creative and the business front. And for a product variety that we eat so much of, but barely give it a second thought.

Both the teams along with Tanmay knew we had a solid, fertile brief to play with and that's exactly what we did...played and had fun! With the result of some great creative work to show for it.  We have fantastic chemistry between the Taco Bell & Ogilvy teams and I am confident when I say that look forward to more such work coming out in the future!

The brand’s first choice for this campaign was Tanmay, because of his ability to capture audiences through his humorous and entertaining content.  Food and Beverage content has been a key association with Tanmay.

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