Making ‘women helping women’ fun, rewarding and Clickable! - Rashi Mittal Nair

Authored by Rashi Mittal Nair, CEO & Co-founder, WOOP.

A woman has all the potential to empower another woman. This belief has more relevance than ever in today’s scenario, where we all live a physical and a virtual life. Mothers today are seeking advice from other mothers on social media forums on topics such as child nutrition and breastfeeding. A girl who finally finds the perfect solution to her acne problem doesn’t refrain from recommending it to others on her social media handle. According to a report published by The Quint, a higher percentage of women use social media for marketing and informative content as compared to their male counterparts. This is a huge opportunity of brands, as women look for online communities to engage in conversations that improve lives. 

Keeping this as our brand ethos, WOOP successfully created a value exchange platform that allows brands to build their own army of brand advocates; while empowering women to help other women, and contribute to a cause they care about, i.e., educating the girl child. We give these women an opportunity to share their opinions, meaningful reviews, their recommendations, and brand referrals; by simply logging on to our platform through their mobile phones.

With over 95% of women on WOOP signing in from their mobile phones, brands have a bigger opportunity to reach these everyday influencers without worrying about catching them at a specific place or a particular time. The easy to use gamification platform enables these women to spend their time productively, on the go and help the cause of girl child education along the way. Every campaign that we develop on WOOP starts with a basic thought i.e. How will it help another woman and then moves to the next level of making it fun, engaging and shareworthy.

Over 50 million women in India spend more than an hour every day on social media channels and love to share their views with friends and peers. This opens a world full of opportunities for brands to connect and engage them to have meaningful conversations that are share worthy. In a year’s time, WOOP is a community of over 2 lac women, over 21 brands on board, creating 50,000 authentic conversations, over 10 lac actions and most importantly over 1.7 lac school days created. These numbers are enough to give you an idea of how digital technology can amplify a simple idea of ‘helping someone like you’ to trigger meaningful conversations and advocacy for brands.

Rashi Mittal Nair is a word-of-mouth marketing addict that has spent the last 15 years obsessing over what really gets people talking and how brands can best leverage those insights.  WOOP has seen significant growth in just a few months. It has got partnerships in place that help brands get access to over 8 million women in India. WOOP is continuously working towards improving the user experience for the women on the platform. The WOOP product will also see a significant upgrade in the coming years, which should make it even more easy and fun for women to engage with brands on WOOP. That means more women, more brands, more actions and more school days!  By 2020 WOOP hopes to generate 1 billion engagement points, which will create 2 million school days and educate over 10,000 young girls.


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