Manorma online celebrates the season of NEW

Since 2018, Kerala has been violently tossed around by a spate of  disasters, from cyclones and floods to the pandemic. But each time, Kerala has bounced back with renewed vigour. 

Festive seasons like Onam, Christmas, or Vishu have not been celebrated  offline as they used to be, thanks to the pandemic restrictions. But these  celebrations, without losing a drop of its verve, have migrated to  digital/social platforms.  

Possibly why, marketers across the country eagerly look at Kerala as a  harbinger of the next opportunity. 

So in Kerala, as the COVID wave shows signs of receding, the people  have been storing up their hopes for the upcoming season. 

If the marketing campaigns in Kerala since the lockdown had one common intent it was to communicate the optimism of the Malayali. 

The way we faced challenges, the way we stayed positive, the way we held on to hope, and remained spirited. Together, they painted a sparkling arc of positivity.  

This Christmas season is a part of the positivity. Not the whole news itself. 

Malls, theatres, restaurants, and schools have reopened, optimism is now  becoming real. In reality, after 2020 April we have never felt this new.  

And we feel this is a unique opportunity to say just that. 

Christmas undoubtedly will add more lights and joy to the festival of  renewal that has already begun. 

The conceptualisation strategy and execution of this campaign was by 'The Local Network'


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