Mark my Wordles, #OnlyOnTwitter

If you've noticed lots of Tweets with little green, yellow or grey square emojis on your Twitter timeline these past few weeks, then you're not alone. These emojis make up the latest five-letter word game, ‘Wordle’, which has gone viral on the service. A word-guessing game devised by Josh Wardle (word game strong), #Wordle has people hooked to their keypads. With Wordle achievements under their belt, guess where people are headed? To Twitter, of course, the place where they come to talk about, well, everything.

Since the game’s public release in October 2021, there have been 840K Tweets mentioning Wordle. In fact, since November 2021, Twitter is witnessing a spike in the use of   emojis; there have been 773K Tweets containing both these emojis. Word-nerds in India discovered the game recently, and it seems like the new year has brought with it a new obsession – with 96% of Wordle conversations in the country taking place in January 2022. As Wordles travel across timelines and more people take their shots at the word-of-the-day, there’s been a 48% daily average growth in Wordle conversations among Indians.

People have been so obsessed, they’re digging deeper to find out how it started, and the story behind Wordle’s inception has only got them falling harder.

Evidently, once you start, there’s no going back. Trust us, we have testimonies:



For those still stuck at phase one trying to figure out how this really works, no worries. There’s a Tweet for that.


People are confused, thrilled, and getting fiercely competitive with each Wordle. They’re comparing scores, and Twitter’s the scoreboard.


Everyone’s joined the party, and we’re not surprised.



Some are even taking it to the next level and creating their own versions! Thanks to Indians, you can now play Wordle in Tamil, too.



Brands, too, have been bringing their word-play to the timeline.


While some are staying at it – one word a day, others have had enough and of course, they’re Tweeting about it.


So, have you figured out the word-of-the-day yet?


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