Marketers, ignore programmatic at your own risk: Aditya Jagtap

Aditya Jagtap
Aditya Jagtap

Over the last decade, digital communication has become an integral piece to any brand’s communication strategy. The penetration of smartphones and Internet infrastructure led to a boom in the amount of time consumers spend online. Digital slowly transformed from merely an element to a full-fledged marketing strategy. 

Marketers, exposed and experienced in traditional marketing mediums, approached digital communication in the same way, but consumers act differently online. Digital is a two-way medium, and the nature of the medium is changing every single day. Innovation is often a function of circumstance, and programmatic advertising was an output created from dealing with the new ‘digital’ element, which had now staked its claim at the centre of every consumer brands’ communication strategy. 

Earlier, the advertisers used to work with their creative and media teams in silos. Performance evaluation was post the campaign. Today, programmatic allows all the teams to work together and continuously optimise ad copies, layouts, targeting and other campaign parameters which results in multi-fold increase in performance. 

Programmatic also allows the advertisers to create super personalised ads for various audience segments and test them out in real time. This strategy of using Dynamic Communication helps advertisers to handhold a prospective customer from awareness to preference to purchase, by using the right message at the right time and on the right medium. 

For example, an online ticketing portal could show one single brand ad to all their prospective users, or they could use utilise available user footprints and data to create and test out thousands of personalised ads for each user group basis their travel source, destination, price range, holiday interest in real time. 

Customisation and dynamic messaging is an absolute need and not a choice for brands wanting to be successful in today’s competitive and consumer-driven environment. 

(The author is the Co-Founder & Operations Manager at HockeyCurve.)


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