Marketing automation will make waves in 2023: Keerthi R Kumar

The start of a new year is seen as bringing in new operational efficiencies, stronger strategies, and a far greater emphasis on building deep bonds with various stakeholders and consumers. In keeping with the current market ecosystem, technology, and a human approach are seen as going hand in hand.

As 2023 kicks off, Adgully has approached key industry leaders to Crystal Gaze into 2023, as part of our annual Trending Now series, to highlight the major trends and developments that they see dominating the industry in the year ahead.

Keerthi R Kumar, Business Head-South, FoxyMoron, shares some of his insights on the digital industry’s expectations for 2023 and the trends dominating this dynamic industry.

Key trends dominating Digital in 2023

Marketing automation will make waves in the next year or so. It has the potential to save businesses time and money and enable more individualised and effective marketing efforts as more organisations move in that direction. As marketing automation evolves, it is almost certain to include even more advanced features, such as AI-powered targeting and personalisation, as well as greater integration with other technologies, such as CRM and sales automation. Furthermore, as more businesses adopt automation, the use of data and analytics to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns will become increasingly important.

The role of Content Creators - More creators and influencers are used in brand campaigns and collaborations. Brands see creators and influencers as powerful marketing partners, who can help them reach new customers and build trust because they have built large and engaged audiences.

Creators will continue to emerge and grow in niche markets, allowing brands to reach specific target audiences.

In e-commerce and affiliate marketing, creators and influencers are being used more frequently. As audiences grow, creators and influencers may become more important components of e-commerce marketing.

Major expectations

It’s difficult to predict what will happen in digital advertising in 2023 because the industry is constantly changing and new technologies and trends emerge all the time. However, some key things to look forward to are:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are being used more frequently in digital advertising. These technologies can be used to improve ad campaign targeting, personalisation, and measurement.
  • As consumers become more aware of their data rights and governments impose stricter regulations, there will be a greater emphasis on privacy and data protection. This could lead to changes in how advertisers collect and use data.
  • Continued growth in digital video advertising as more people watch videos on their smartphones and other devices.
  • As smart speakers and other voice-controlled devices become more popular, there will be more investment in voice search optimisation and voice-enabled ad campaigns.
  • A greater emphasis on the customer experience, with brands seeking ways to create more engaging and personalised ad campaigns that provide value to the consumer.

Key focus areas for Zoo Media in 2023

It has always been Zoo Media’s mission to disrupt and innovate, and we will continue to do so. We will always strive to find a smarter and more efficient way of working and continue to innovate. A couple of key things that will be on our way to stand apart would be:

  • Embracing digital transformation entails rethinking traditional business processes and workflows to leverage new technologies such as automation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). It also includes implementing new business models and revenue streams made possible by technology.
  • Building an innovative culture entails encouraging employees to experiment with new technologies and ideas, as well as cultivating a culture that encourages taking risks and learning from failures.

An important aspect of enabling this is investing in training and development to ensure that teams have the skills they need to work with new technologies, as well as providing opportunities for them to continue learning and growing, and that is a large focus for us.


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