Marketing strategies to boost sales this holiday season: Heena Rustagi

Marketing is a critical aspect of any business, especially for jewellery brands. After all, this is an industry that relies on visual elements and often uses pictures to help customers make purchase. Holiday season is just another way for any brand to reach out to a larger audience to showcase and introduce new products hence it becomes very important to craft a smart marketing strategy. Here in this article, some marketing strategies are listed that will help boost e-commerce sales in holiday season.

Omni-Channel Experience: Brands that take the Omnichannel route can deliver a powerful buying experience to customers. With an omni-channel marketing strategy in place, the brand will reach the customers. The channels will adapt to the customer journey and share the most relevant ads and content their way in a consistent fashion. This helps customer to reach their brand and make relevant purchase easily. Once you’ve implemented an Omnichannel marketing strategy, you’ll be able to reach customers and cater to their needs irrespective of the channel they’re on.

Implement Email Marketing Strategy: This holiday season, consumers will be checking their emails more frequently than ever before. Marketers can successfully boost traffic to their web pages by sending highly-personalized e cards and engaging email messages to their subscribers notifying them about the new holiday-themed product launches and offers.

Special Offers and discounts: During the holiday season, people are interested to shop more therefore for your customers you can introduce some very attractive offers. This could be in the form of discounts, free samples, buy-one get one free offer for holiday season, discount on second purchase and so on. 

Creative Campaigns : We have seen many such examples recently in which brands have used different campaigns to make their brand popular in the market. It is basically a creative technique that gives reach among thousands of people automatically on social media. The customers are just as much on social media as much as we are. A brand can run campaigns that will connect with their targeted audiences and help generate leads, get immense traffic from the market.

Influencer Marketing: There are several advantages to influencer marketing during the holiday season. The right influencers can drive the right engagement and more eyeballs to the business. It is crucial selecting the right set of influencers that can be aligned with the brand. Don’t discount the power of micro-influencers as they have an active engagement and their reviews are considered genuine by their network.


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