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MASH/Percept Advertising creates multi media campaign for PNB Housing

MASH Advertising- a Percept Hakuhodo Group Company, has just rolled out its first nationwide brand campaign for PNB Housing across multiple platforms including Print, Outdoor, Television, Radio, B-T-L and Social Media taking a 360°creative and media approach. The multi media campaign was backed up by some substantial investment.

The objective of the campaign is to improve brand perception about the quality of services and establish PNB Housing as a new age, customer centric housing loan provider. The key message of the campaign is – ‘The door to your dream home opens easier with PNB Housing’.

PNB Housing is today the 5th largest housing finance company in India. The campaign aspires to present the fresh face of brand to its customers after undergoing an extensive transformation journey since the last few years.

The concept behind this unique creative theme is inspired by Mother Nature, who never made provisions for a rented home whatever the species. Bringing into use an extensive visual extravaganza of exotic birds and animals in their unique dwelling, this campaign draws parallel between animals and human beings. It attempts to establish the fact that Mother Nature has never made provisions for a rented accommodation and thus animals have to make their own homes, but human beings tend to live in rented homes. The emotions and expressions portrayed make for a gripping story, and the uniqueness lies in the fact that no other financial institution has taken such an innovative and creative route before.

The brand campaign with its imagery and tone of voice also repositions the company as a modern, youthful and approachable, customer centric entity. With it, PNB Housing stands ready to create a whole new identity for itself and a testimony that Public Private Partnerships can create unique success stories.

Amitabha Lahiri, CEO, MASH Advertising seemed visibly overjoyed with this extremely differentiated campaign stated, “A good consumer insight is often like a hidden treasure lying in some unopened closet. The communicator has to unearth this insight to create a true clutter breaker. And more often than not, a good insight when revealed looks strikingly simple. Our task was therefore clearly defined. We simply opened that closet & brought out that hitherto undiscovered insight, that Mother Nature has made NO provisions for rented accommodation. Again it looks simple but it’s hugely impactful. Over the course of 2 months we painstakingly built the entire natural world model in CGI brick by brick inclusive of birds, animals, trees, snowy landscapes and underwater sets.  Innovation and smart impact has been leveraged to create differentiated brand imagery and communicate the ease with which one can get a home loan from PNB Housing.

Speaking on the development, Mr.Shaji Varghese, Chief Marketing Officer, PNB Housing Finance Limited said, “For the consumer, a home loan is a well thought out decision considering the value involved. Customers enter into a long term partnership with the financial institution for their housing loan requirements; it is of utmost importance that the financial partner is not just trustworthy and transparent in its dealing but should also bring in ease and convenience to the customer throughout the loan journey.”

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