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Max Healthcare launches ‘More to healthcare’ campaign

With service at its core, the medical profession is seen as a noble and respectful career. Doctors are perceived as a divine figure who works round the clock to save lives. But there is more to healthcare than what meets the eye.

An effective healthcare delivery system is like a well-coordinated symphony of efforts of clinical experts, such as doctors, nurses and medical technicians in the OT, but the team is much wider including patient safety teams, OT technicians, ICU nurses, emergency response teams, housekeeping teams, front office teams, patient experience teams, ward boys and even security staff. Therefore, with an objective of raising awareness on the importance on each employee’s role and the overall work that goes behind the scene, Max Healthcare, one of North India’s leading healthcare providers have launched‘More to Healthcare’ campaign.

The campaign has been launched in form of a series of short videos on key social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. These set of videos are thought-provoking and provide an insight into the hard-work that goes in to serve and care for   each and patient. Max Healthcare prides itself in delivering standardized and best in class healthcare services to all its patients and with ‘Eager to get you home’ as the brand positioning, clinical and support staff aims at fast and effective recovery of every patient.

Talking about the initiative, Anas Abdul Wajid, Senior Director Sales and Marketing, says, “In past years, owing to changing media landscape, and advent of social media, there have been instances where nuances of medical incidents have been oversimplified by the public. This has led to unfortunate erosion of trust amongst patients and appreciation of the complexity involved in delivering world class healthcare has been lost. Therefore, there is a need to sensitise the consumers about the multifariousness of healthcare delivery and Max Healthcare’s ‘More to healthcare’ campaign is a step in the direction of building that trust again.”


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