mCaffeine launches and packs its new range of Coffee Body Washes

Every Coffee lover's morning will now arrive with a new dilemma - to bathe first or brew first? This International Coffee Day, India’s first-ever caffeinated personal care brand - mCaffeine has launched India’s first Coffee Body Wash in a coffee cup that is infused with coffee grounds. Diversifying its skin care product domain as it explores a new category, the brand has created caffeinated body wash in five unique variants that will suit and soothe all types of skin by providing a non-drying sulphate-free cleaning solution.

A mighty step for the brand this year, the launch of the new product category came with the idea that a refreshing range of body wash is the perfect “cup of coffee” for your skin. In order to recreate the look and feel of this revitalizing cup of morning coffee, the product is packaged in the shape of a coffee cup made by reusing coffee waste. Packed with the goodness of caffeine inside-out, the body wash provides a rejuvenating bathing experience that energises the skin and soul.

Furthermore, in a bid to honour patrons and create an extraordinary experience for them alongside offering an incredible product, the brand reached out to customers asking them for their honest opinions about the brand and the reasons that keep them coming back. These testimonials and photos have been printed on the product packaging - featuring customers who are “addicted to good” that caffeine does - of the brand's most iconic product of the year!

Commenting on the launch, Tarun Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, said, “Over the last five years, mCaffeine has become synonymous with Coffee skincare - a result of continuous, perseverant efforts by the brand to realize this aspiration. It certainly is a mammoth achievement for the brand and we are thrilled to launch this range of caffeinated Body Wash for our customers."

"We want to bring the best of what coffee can do for the skin by deep-diving into its wholesome goodness. The new range, which currently includes five variants, brings the signature aroma and rich texture of coffee in a cup for the skin to wake up to every morning. We conceptualized the unique packaging design involving reused old coffee grounds to reinforce our core vision of being natural and environmentally sustainable while staying ‘Addicted to Good' ", he further added.

Rooted with the aim to bring customers the best of skin solutions with caffeine, the brand seeks to revolutionize the personal care space further by the expansion of its ‘Body Care’ range with five Naked & Raw Coffee Body Wash, two Body Care Accessories and three Body Care Combos as listed down below: 

Naked & Raw Coffee Body Wash

  • Naked & Raw Coffee Body Wash: A dose of caffeine is the best way to kick-start your morning. The Naked & Raw Coffee Body Wash contains coffee, Vitamin E and Brazil nut oil. The body wash awakens and hydrates the skin and helps with deep cleansing it.
  • Cappuccino Coffee Body Wash: A perfect body wash for someone looking for mild exfoliation and smoothness. The Cappuccino Coffee Body Wash has ingredients such as caffeine, almond milk and walnut that help nourish dull skin, gently cleanse and buff away dryness and moisturise the skin at the same time.
  • Mocha Coffee Body Wash: For someone who likes to de-stress by having a shot of caffeine in the morning, this body wash is the best way to start your day. Apart from de-stressing, the body wash also helps with mild cleansing and improving skin texture. It has ingredients like caffeine, cocoa, clay, hazelnut and cocoa butter which help in the natural cleansing of the skin, while enhancing its hydration.
  • Latte Coffee Body Wash: A great product to start your day with for a refreshing morning. The Latte Coffee Body Wash helps with mild cleansing, deep moisturising and retaining moisture. It is made from ingredients like caffeine, murumuru butter, oat milk and coconut milk.
  • Espresso Coffee Body Wash: Like a perfect shot of an espresso, this body wash is a perfect shot of caffeine for the body. The Espresso Coffee Body Wash helps with exfoliating, polishing the skin and energising it. It has unique ingredients like caffeine, coffee oil and Natural AHA that helps in making the skin even.

Body Care Accessories

  • Natural Loofah: The natural loofah by mCaffeine is gentle on this skin however it helps with deep cleaning and removes dead skin. It is made with Ramie, a sustainable option made with natural fibers.
  • Exfoliating Bath Glove: Made with natural fibre material called Ramie, the exfoliating bath glove is extremely gentle on the skin. It helps with exfoliation, prevents ingrown hair and strawberry skin.

The Body Care Combos includes Deep Body Cleaning- Coffee Trio with Naked & Raw Coffee Body Wash, India’s most loved and best seller Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub and Naked & Raw Coffee Body Lotion. Cleanse & Moisturize Daily Body Care Kit with Naked & Raw Coffee Body Wash and Naked & Raw Coffee Body Lotion. Signature Body Washes- Assorted Set of 3 with Naked and Raw Espresso Coffee Body Wash, Latte Coffee Body Wash & Cappuccino Body Wash.

mCaffeine’s Naked & Raw Range is Vegan, Cruelty-free & Peta Certified. They are free from SLS and Paraben, FDA-approved, and dermatologically tested.


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