Mee Mee celebrates World Breastfeeding Week 2020

Mee Mee, a baby care brand under the group of Me N Moms retail stores, is driving the communication through their campaign. This year, their central campaign, #FromOneMotherToAnother, brings to the forefront emotional and thought-provoking insights to draw the audience’s attention and create awareness around this. The campaign launched by SoCheers strives to educate, inform, and empower mothers to take a pledge to continue breastfeeding for its positive impact on a baby’s, and the Earth’s, health!

As this is the 29th celebration of World Breastfeeding Week 2020, the theme is to inform the world about breastfeeding’s many benefits - especially to Mother Earth. Breastfeeding benefits your baby by supplying the essential nutrients and antibodies to protect them but not many know that, along with keeping a baby healthy, it creates a healthier space for our planet too. In order to educate mothers that their decision to breastfeed not only helps the baby but also the earth.

“Mee Mee has always strived to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week and spread the importance of breastfeeding and its benefits far and wide and with our campaign this year, we are hoping to make a bigger impact and a difference in the support extended to breastfeeding”, said Ms. Aneesha Khattar, Marketing Head, Mee Mee. 

 Even though times are becoming more progressive, a large section of women often shy away from the topic of breastfeeding and discussions related to the same. Mee Mee’s previous campaigns ‘Moms Milk Matters’ and ‘It’s Ok To Do It In Public’, educated and empowered moms to embrace breastfeeding and start a conversation around its many benefits! Taking these thoughts forward, Mee Mee built on them and launched #FromOneMotherToAnother that brings to light the environmental impact of breastfeeding and aims to educate moms about how their pledge to breastfeed can nurture their baby and help flourish the Earth’s too.

 Speaking on the campaign, Ms. Rajni Daswani, Director at SoCheers said, “Each year, we strive to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week and normalize the conversations around breastfeeding. Through the campaign, #FromOneMotherToAnother, our intent is to get moms to understand how breastfeeding is better for their baby’s health and for the Earth’s, and get them to support Mee Mee by taking a pledge to continue to breastfeed. We are happy to partner with Mee Mee in taking forward this message to mothers at large.”

The campaign is live on Mee Mee’s social media platforms and, to further amplify their reach and get more moms to be a part of the discussion, Mee Mee joined hands with influencers like GurbaaniSonam Sahid Khan, Radhikka KarkareStuti Agarwal & Vatsala Mittal Jain to take the pledge to breastfeed their babies and hence save on resources that would have been generated otherwise. The campaign also included a success story video, showcasing the amount of support we received from 100+ moms everywhere in spreading awareness of the theme and making the difference needed.


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