Merakii’s #ALivingPlanet Diwali Campaign Transcends Societal Classes

Conceptualised by the Merakii, #ALivingPlanet is a global creative campaign that effectively tackles climate change by abandoning the obvious and making activism more intersectional within human society in light of growing climate issues. Past global campaigns have shown an undeniable truth that many movements sometimes alienate certain groups or parts of the society - thus, #ALivingPlanet campaign seeks to broaden the base of the environmental movement that is imperative to address the problem.

It is true that big corporations have led the world beyond the critical 1.5° Celsius warming threshold by exploiting the world’s resources. However, the ingenuity of solely blaming the rich elite for not factoring in the climate effects of their decisions is far from the truth. While many big corporations have adopted the concept of sustainability by piggybacking on the early adoption of the trend by the middle-class; sustainability is a concept that transcends societal classes.


As shown in the POV video created by the Merakii, not referring to numbers and simply creating a general overview, humans alone do not pay for their consumption of electricity and the planet pays a high price for every tree that is cut down as part of deforestation. Problems reflecting through this creatively designed video cuts across every social boundary and societal class - which is the sole aim of the campaign.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign Bhagyashree Singh, CEO, and Director of Merakii said, “We need to understand that blaming big corporations alone for the destructive exploitation of planet Earth does not help. They may be the ones lobbying the government to pass bills in their favour, but the aim of the campaign is to issue a public directive to encourage mindful use of those resources by every single stakeholder - which, ultimately, is every single one of us. If we’re able to do our part in helping save the planet, the cost of lobbying the government would become ineffective.

There is a cost involved in keeping every lightbulb on for an hour longer than usual, just as there is a cost involved in printing stacks of paper. The world is turning towards a digital economy - the effects of which are far-reaching and positively more effective than previous generations of innovation. Then why can’t we accept that every one of us has a hand to play in either having a positive or negative impact on the planet?”

As part of its campaign, the Merakii is going paperless with every single mail of theirs urging people to not print the contents of the mail - whether a contract or minutes of the meeting. Instead, the company is asking every single participant of their mail communication to have digital copies of the mail and its content.

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