Meta working on Twitter's alternative to gain from Musk-led chaos

Since the day Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion, the platform has been in the news. The mass sacking of thousands of employees, changing of company policies, and blue tick subscription packs were some of them. With such a chaotic situation, Meta took the opportunity to work on its update and develop a creative and strategic approach to divert the twitter audience and bring them to meta.

Here comes the big fat ideology of Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram that hosted virtual brainstorming sessions with its employees to discuss how to build the next Twitter.

Apart from employees at Meta, former Twitter workers have begun projects for what they say could be the next Twitter. Start-ups like Post and niche services like Mastodon and Hive Social have also entered the arena, as has the microblogging platform Tumblr.

Some of these services position themselves as more wholesome alternatives to Twitter. There has been a lot of recent attention on how toxic the platform is and will become. Musk revoked the bans imposed on a large group of users, usually for violating policies relating to hate speech, hateful behavior, harmful content, and other issues.

Since Musk stepped in, some users have already said they would leave the service. Others have discussed wanting to migrate to somewhere else.

One alternative service that gained immediate attention in the US is Mastodon. It is known as a federated platform and functions as a collection of social networks. Since the beginning of last month, Mastodon accounts have grown nearly 33 percent to six million, reveals a New York Times report.

Last month, Hive Social, a social network founded in 2019, more than doubled its users to 1.8 million. More established social media companies are also working to take on board the waves of people departing Twitter. Tumblr, the microblogging website, posted a “reasons to join Tumblr” thread about a week after Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

Overall, all the grand-size social media platforms have found an opportunity to make the best of situation caused by the Twitter chaos.


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