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Milagrow launches home cleaning robots; diversifies into domestic robots business

Milagrow HumanTech today announced the creation of and its entry into the Domestic Robots category. It's an industry first and the company's robotics vertical aims to use robotic technology to empower humans so that everyday chores become hassle-free and easy. The company believes that humans serving humans for petty tasks is now outdated, and using robots will soon be the way to be. This new range of domestic robots will help catalyze this into a trend and will steadily cascade into a revolution.

Three powerful home cleaning robots will now work hard to protect Indian homes from germs and dust, namely, RedHawk, BlackCat and Robocop. They can clean all types of surfaces from marble to carpet to wood, and can easily go re-charge themselves in between cleaning cycles.

The robots boast of impressive obstacle and stair detection intelligence. The obstacle detection feature allows the robot to maneuver its way around objects that it may encounter while cleaning. The stair detection feature that is based on the infrared principle makes sure that the robot does not just fall off stairs, a balcony or even an elevated table. These elegant looking robots, which are extremely simple to use, can be auto-scheduled to clean at a date and time in the future. These cleaners can really go beyond the average floor sweeping as they come packed with an in-built UV ray lamp. This lamp when turned on emits UV rays that break the DNA of virus and bacteria; thereby making sure your home remains absolutely hygienic and germ-free.


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