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Millennial Influencers Turn to OkCupid to ‘Find Their Kind’

OkCupid asks real people to talk about real things. The international dating app’s first brand campaign in India - #FindMyKind - has endeavoured to start conversations about personal choice and self-acceptance amongst Indian millennials to cater to their changing preferences. The campaign went live in August with leading influencers sharing their ‘Find My Kind’ stories driving home conversation about the path they have chosen and the relationship they seek. Users followed in their footsteps with posts of their own, generating over 5 Million impressions 

The campaign caters to the requirement of a generation that knows what they want and are not willing to compromise on their dreams. When it comes to the kind of relationship they want, young Indians want to make their choice and do not let family members, relatives, acquaintances and friends' preferences override their needs. 

On social media, the campaign has urged influencers from all walks of life to communicate who they truly are and who their kind is in a relationship. Captured beautifully in pictures and their post, influencers talk about their journey to becoming who they are and the kind of person they would want to be with in their life - someone who understands and accepts them for who they are.  They spoke about their individual choices from their love for art, baking, photography to their passion for motorcycling or about someone who would understand how career oriented and eccentric they are. After all, they believe in keepin’ it real!

Not only does the campaign capture the essence of OkCupid, it also perfectly encompasses the goal of the campaign which is reiterated by Melissa Hobley, Global CMO, OkCupid, who says,“OkCupid celebrates people who are expressing their own preferences and the willingness of living on their own terms with the intent that feels right. Through our first ever brand campaign in India, we tap into the desire of single Indians to exercise their right to choose their own partner. Considering that's one of the most significant decisions you'll ever make, we think finding someone who is YOUR kind is of utmost importance! Find My Kind celebrates people who are looking for something real, and won't compromise or adjust to suit other people's expectations.”

The idea is to encourage people to stop settling for a compromise in the most important decisions in life. Influencers have spoken their heart out about the type of person they are and what they seek in their partner. Overall, it is a celebration of individuals who push back against everybody else’s expectation of their life and relationship. The posts capture what this generation wants in a serious relationship why encouraging others to be equally fearless. 

Don’t wait, download OkCupid and find your kind! 


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