Mindshift Interactive extends its arm to research

Mindshift Interactive launches their research arm – MindShift Metrics today. The research arm will decode the vast amount of data available over the Internet, and share findings leading to insights, resulting in forming a strategy. Metrics will primarily be to evaluate or fine-tune an existing social media presence or campaign, assuring sustained growth or towards understanding the right campaign and platforms for a product launch. Given the right metrics, it also helps businesses understand consumer sentiments towards a particular product or even test an upcoming launch.
The data will be gathered through MindShift tools and will be a step towards translating it into understanding your product, consumer or competition. The tools will go into the depths of understanding what consumers express or why they react the way they do or even forecast what your consumer wants next. Research is incomplete without human intelligence and that’s why at MindShift, we will integrate a perspective from a mix of research analysts, social media specialists and behavior decoders. This combination provides you with the right methodologies and a 360 degree perspective on where and what your Social Media landscape is and how it should evolve in order to be of constant value.
Services offered by Mindshift Metrics:
  • Social Media Metrics: Campaign and Content Analysis that will help review a brand’s activities across Social Media. We will be happy to add-value to the stories you may be working on, by giving you the relevant data or analysis to support the story
  • Consulting through Metrics Scorecard that assures a sustained outreach for the Digital campaigns. This evaluate the campaigns on social media
  • Platform analysis: Analyse Social Media platforms to ensure the outreach is created on the right platform to help gain competitive advantage
  • Brand associations during the first Grand Prix in India last year. In this analysis they have highlighted the campaigns taken up by brands like Airtel, Kingfisher, Vodafone, Redbull showcasing consumer sentiments around the event and the brand connect. MindShift Interactive tracked the event on Social Media and generated insights on how fans, sports enthusiasts, sportsmen, celebrities and brands reacted to this milestone event in India’s sporting calendar
  • Second report was on the Impact of Social Media on Hospitality and Tourism industry in India highlighting the Airline, Online travel agencies and Hotel sector. This report focused on the utilization of Social Media by brands in order to provide effective customer service and immediate consumer redressal

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