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Mirror Now will be the destination of the thinking Indian: Nikunj Garg

Nikunj Garg gained editorial control of the news channel in October last year, with the goal of accelerating the station's growth. Garg is the Editor of Mirror Now and he is also the Head of Input and News Gathering at Times Network.

On Mirror Now's vision for the future of the channel and its strategy, Nikunj Garg said during the Goafest: "We want to take a national approach to local concerns. Our focus will remain on hyper-local and local concerns, but we will approach them from a national standpoint and discuss them. My focus is to widen the arc."

Mirror Now will become "a bolder brand" under his leadership, according to Garg. He emphasised that it would maintain the essential ideals that Mirror Now has always stood for — challenging the status quo and demanding responsibility from those in power — while being entirely independent of other Times Network channels.

The traditional bastions of the Mirror Now channel were urban and youth-centric viewers (aged 22–40) who turned to the channel for understanding a wide range of topics such as bad infrastructure, women's safety, fuel price rises, and so on.

"The Mirror Now brand has a natural resonance in metros such as Goa and Delhi, which is likely due to our content concentration. Times Now and Mirror Now exist at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to news. While we may cover the same issues, such as Kashmir, Pakistan, and foreign policy, Mirror Now will do it from the perspective of the people, i.e., how these events will influence the lives of urban middle-class Indians,” he said.

"Mirror Now will seek to challenge the status quo with its new visual identity and content portfolio. Mirror will be the destination of the thinking Indian in the coming days, going beyond the headlines and bringing truth to the fore in an era where conflicting agenda-driven narratives are pushed in the public sphere."

The channel touts a plethora of news anchors as 'people champion,' bolstering the prime-time band. Heena Gambhir, Tamanna Inamdar, Afrida Rahman Ali, Griha Atul, and Archana Solanki go on the air to discuss urban Indian issues.

Nikunj Garg claimed that these anchors were chosen for their talent, expertise, and critical thinking skills. "Our goal is to be the thinking citizen's go-to news source for timely and reliable information."


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