Mobile Marketing Heads Towards Interactive & Immersive Experiences

Continuing from where we left yesterday, Creative excellence and impactful brand communication without being obtrusive are mandatory for the success of mobile advertising. Video and even static ads are making all efforts to be nonobtrusive and visually appealing. Interestingly, while print and broadcast allow innovation only to limited extent due to the nature of the medium, in mobile/digital media, opportunities are immense, and hence continuous innovations to captivate the consumer and make the brand message more effective.

Harshil Karia, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Schbang puts it nicely, “Mobile will always be about baiting the consumer to see something longer. A site, a video, a VR demo. Ultimately it is all going to come down to what will drive business effectiveness. With Google's new release of capability where they can track ad exposure to a store visit, the signs are clear - from online purchase to offline store visit, both, the advertising that delivers sales result will win and stay. Rest is all vanity.”

Prasad Shejale, CEO, Logicserve Digital adds, “As the industry keeps evolving, there will be newer formats being introduced and different ways to play around the ads. Currently, there are two types of ads in beta stage i.e. parallax creatives and flipbook creatives which we are going to try for some of our clients.”

One sees effective use of Playables, VR and full demos on computers. Time of signs to come? Perhaps, mobile marketing in times to come would be driven by these formats. After all consumer engagement is critical to brand communication, and these interactive options would make sure that mobile ads do not become blind spots. Vasuta Agarwal, InMobi explains, “Playables, VR and full demos are recent innovations on mobile which hold a lot of promise. These could become the default way for brands to engage with consumers as technology around these evolves. Having said that, it will still be a while before they become mainstream. However, the early adopters are making the most of these formats to capture consumer attention, mindshare and drive engagement. “

Kaizad Pardiwala, COO and President, The 120 Media Collective also agrees that any format that involves the consumer in the brand experience would work well, if rightly executed. He expresses, “Any format that can involve the consumer in the brand experience and increase engagement is a winner. One important factor which will determine the format’s success is scalability! If the format is scalable and can be widely deployed, then it will stick. Mobile interactivity and immersive experiences are the future and it’s a very exciting one.”

As the ad spends on mobile increase, categories advertising there multiply and the clutter begins, fight for better share of voice would begin too. And we would see a spurt of innovations and experimentation in mobile marketing space. Higher the interactivity, more the consumer engagement and better the brand recall. As Shradha Agarwal, COO, Grapes Digital puts it, “Immersive experiences in an ad, more so in mobile space are a must. With the growing economy, ad spends are increasing and with increasing ad spends clutter is also at its peak. To cut through this one needs to innovate ad formats not only to capture attention but also to enhance once message, by creating such ad formats which are involving and interactive.”

This brings us to another oft discussed topic these days, continuous partial attention that warrants the communication to be as interactive as possible to keep the consumer engaged and associate with a brand. Rohan Mehta, CEO, Social Kinnect aptly states, “While formats like VR, playables and full demos are already gaining momentum in other mediums, these will also gain popularity on mobile soon. As the attention span of consumers is reducing, the interactive formats help brands to connect with them more effectively.”

Effective advertising on mobile would increasingly get more personalized and interactive. Users are spending more time on mobile these days. It is a very personal device. For users, it is an experience and a brand is all about experiences, isn't it? This is exactly why it is an apt opportunity for marketers to connect with these users and spread their brand message. Prasad Shejale sums it up rather well, “It is important to create advertisements that people will love, the kind of content that users want to read/ know about and provide the required help/assistance that your consumers need. Newer and unique formats of ads can rightly help marketers do this. Taking care of these things will help brands provide great experiences to their users. After all, great experiences make great brands.”

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