Moov launches its new campaign- ‘Zindagi Ke Beech Dard Na Aaye’

Moov, India’s No. 1 pain relief cream brand launched its new campaign- ‘Zindagi Ke Beech Dard Na Aaye.’ The two films for the two brand variants - Moov and Moov Strong aim to inspire women across ages to pursue their dreams and aspirations where body pain will not be a deterrent in any way. The films with a strong women narrative also highlight how families can help one another fulfil their ambitions.

Moov since its launch in India in 1986 has been supporting women and identifying their needs for products which can help them push boundaries. The brand with its wide appeal with both men and women is looking to support individuals who are pushing themselves beyond a point leading to discomfort and body pain. It has been striving to ‘Moov Up’ and help every person who is dealing with physical pain with a product that can help them feel better and to lead a pain free life. Moov launched its variant with Diclofenac sodium in 2019 to address acute pain that helps provide quick relief. 

Mr. Dilen Gandhi, Regional Marketing Director, South Asia – Health & Nutrition, Reckitt, “Since its launch, Moov ads have been focused on women who would stop at nothing, no matter what challenges or pain they encounter in their path to reach and fulfil their ambitions. This campaign yet again is a celebration of women and families who stand by each other and come back ‘Strong’er despite any hurdles that they may face. While our products can be effectively used by any individual experiencing pain, our ads in a small way pay a tribute to all those women who constantly do that extra bit to make their own dreams and the dreams of their loved ones come true.”

Mr. Kapil Batra, Creative Head, Delhi, McCann Worldgroup, “Moov has always believed that pain should never come in the way of our pursuits. Continuing with this thought, our new campaign is an ode to today’s woman, who would like to chase goals come what may. The two stories capture this and shows how Moov enables our women protagonists to live their life just the way they want to, i.e. being unstoppable.”

Moov, with these two carefully crafted narratives for Moov and Moov ‘Strong’ is looking to strike a chord with women and men who realise the contribution of a woman in their lives.

The new film for Moov is an emotional take on how mothers push their boundaries to ensure that their children achieve their dreams and nothing including their own pain will stop them from doing their bit. The Moov Strong TVC showcases a brother-sister relationship where the sister’s sprained ankle prevents her from competing in a bike rally. Both ads have their families coming together to care for them and highlight how with Moov’s warmth, life does not stop. The tagline ‘Zindagi Ke Beech Dard Na Aaye’ being very apt in both commercials.


Agency: McCann World group

Production house: Little Lamb Films

Producer & Editor: Avishek Ghosh

Director: Bauddhayan Mukherji (Buddy)

DOP: Gaikar Sarkar

Music: Amar Mangrulkar

Sound Engineer: Darshan Nair

Moov pain relief cream is made using 100% Ayurvedic ingredients that contribute to the pain-relieving process, helping you get rid of pain quickly. It contains 4 active herbal ingredients that works to give your muscles relief from pain. A 15g tube of the Moov Base is priced at INR 65. While Moov Strong is an over-the-counter product available at pharmacies across India. A 30g tube of the Moov Strong is priced at INR 125. Moov is currently available in three formats – cream, gel, and spray. 

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