MRSS India selects SMI Eye Tracking Glasses to map consumer behaviour

MRSS INDIA, the Independent Full Service Market Research Firm and pioneers in digital research has selected SMI eye tracking glasses for its research studies. The 60Hz eye tracking glasses, a creation of SMI to understand purchase behaviour, website refinements and ad evaluation (Print, digital, TV). This product will help MRSS to study consumer behaviour, improve communication strategies adding significant value to consumer insights.

“Eye tracking products are extremely powerful tools in market research, they are reflection of our continued commitment to leverage technology in Market Research to enhance the quality of insights available to our clients”, states Raj Sharma, Co-founder & President (Global) of Majestic MRSS.

Sarang Panchal, CEO, MRSS INDIA said, “We are pioneers in digital research in India and now have an amazing slew of eye tracking products that we offer to our clients. Research all over the world is moving from claimed consumer responses to real time metrics, hence rather than merely taking consumer response, we use technology to show what caught ‘the’ attention “he added.

Eye tracking has become an extremely powerful tool in market research. Knowing what people see and – more important – what they miss is the key to an effective marketing campaign which turns people into buyers. Eye tracking allows us to stop guessing and use the unique features to get proof into people’s attention and behaviour. Find hidden deficiencies, strategize and stand out!

What is seen and what is not!
Eye tracking solutions are used in a wide variety of different research fields - from commercial usability and market research studies to scientific psychology and vision research. MRSS India offers eye tracking solutions in terms of both remote and wearable tracking. Exclusive owners of the latest 60 HZ Eye Tracking glasses by German based company Senso Motoric Instruments, a world leader in dedicated computer vision applications. Eye tracking allows us to pre-test by measuring what the target audiences see and improve on impact before the launch. Thus being able to understand user behavior and optimize visual communication to fulfil marketing goals.

Areas of application for remote and wearable eye tracking are:

Retail: Measuring consumer behavior, optimizing brand placement and communication - Analyze and visualize consumer behaviour, monitor all stages of decision making, focus on details, choose the field of view

Package Design: Does the product stand out on the shelves? - Eye tracking can be used both to optimize the look and feel of the packaging as well as the experience of unpacking the product. Strong competition nowadays between the huge varieties of products makes the package design a key issue influencing sales.

Advertisements / Print: Does your killer ad cut through the clutter? - Eye tracking allows you to measure what your customers see and therefore to optimize your message with regard to the intended target group.

Web Design / Online Marketing: Ease and usability - In web design, the aspect of optimized navigation through the content is of major importance. Usability tests can help you evaluate ease of use and logical navigation – both of which are essential for keeping the user on your website for as long as possible.

Video Tests: Are you visible? - Eye Tracking on video tests helps is assessing the visibility of the promotional elements on a show/debate/news or any other program.

Outdoor Media: What does one see in a dynamic environment? - Evaluating visibility in an open and dynamic environment, what do people see and miss in a mall, or assessing the impact of any out of home media.


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