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MTV Play launches Youth Magazine and delves into youth psyche

MTV, the popular youth channel is going all out to understand the youth segment even more intricately as possible. Today brands all over realize the potential youth has on buying and how the incorporate new media in their daily routines.

MTV Play launched the MTV YOUTH TIMES this month which is a magazine that collects all that is being talked about in the college corridors, SMS gossip, tweets & chats. Whether it is MNP (mobile number portability) or Scams, Youth are abreast with all the current happenings in the news.

MTV Youth Times is presented in a newspaper format that brings the youth chatter to your finger tips. This section will be updated fortnightly to keep abreast with the latest news that catches the youngsters' attention.

MTV also explores the new Young Values to understand what are the "Dominant Values' and "Subdued Values'. The study conducted by them with 3000 youth across the country shows that there is indeed a gender divide in the way they think and act. The youth aspires for the impossible and MTV attempts to unwire them and understand their ambitions and dreams along with their psyche. A lot has changed over the years but it is a pleasant surprise to know that even in the age of Facebook updates, family still plays a crucial role in their lives. Experiential living rules the roost as every sensation is heightened and enjoyed to get the maximum impact out of life. One can read about the impatient generation, dream gadgets for multitasking generation and more on

"MTV Play is part of the constant effort at MTV to stay on top of what's happening with young people. With over 3000 young people put under the microscope, we are continuously finding new and interesting insights which are invaluable. In this edition, we take a deep dive into the value system of young people and the revelations have been truly refreshing" says Aditya Swamy, Channel-head, MTV. investigates more in what's NOT important? Honesty, welfare of others and true-friendship lie somewhere on the fringe and are no longer the driver values. What is interesting is that these values have not been completely discarded, but have just taken a back seat in their list of priorities. Leisurely and chilled out way of life is out-dated; the young folks love to work hard to earn their independence and self respect.

Loyalty, self restraint, obedience and inner harmony are definitely on their way out. These traits are not the hot favorites amongst the Young people anymore. These values are fast fading and are lowest on their priority list. Youth today is extremely short term focused and do not strive for a lasting contribution at in future.

Between men and women, there is not too much of a difference on the value scale. While both genders have similar dominant values, the men folk come across as more ambitious and are strongly driven by dream of high-life. Interestingly, the need for good physical appeal is stronger amongst men than women. Women, on the other hand, show a higher score for being open minded. They also voice strong willingness to stand up for their own beliefs, seek equality in life and own independence to live life on own terms.

Catch the complete story on Youth and their changing values and more on MTV recently launched MTVPlay as the open knowledge share portal that showcase Youth Trends. This website is targeted to the Corporates and Media industry and is a cool collection of youth life vignettes and updated every fortnight.

Research Source: Youth Research, MTV, 16 cities, 3110 sample size, 2010. | By Janees Antoo [janees(at)]


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