MuscleBlaze launches its protein bars with #HumariBhookhAlagHai

Fitness is not just a fad, but an important ingredient for a rich, successful life and a balanced diet is an indispensable part of any fitness regime. Lack of adequate proteins and fiber can not only negate the efforts of exercise but can also cause many lifestyle disorders, especially amongst those who live a sedentary lifestyle. The champion products from MuscleBlaze address this requirement for quality dietary supplements and healthy living.

In a short span of time, MuscleBlaze has created a strong foothold in the market for authentic whey protein supplement. The increasing popularity of its products has led to the launch of two delectable variants of MuscleBlaze protein bars for the ‘on-the-go’ nutrition needs of its consumers. These bars are not only sugar-free, but are also fortified with whey protein sourced from the USA.

These bars help tame hunger pangs and eliminate unhealthy snacking for people who want to stick to their fitness goals. It is also beneficial for those with sedentary lifestyles. Each serving of this vegetarian protein bar(72g) is power packed with 22g proteins, 9.5g of gluten-free carbs, 5.5g of fibers, 27 vital minerals and vitamins and a healthy dose of fruits and nuts, full of antioxidants and omega fatty acids, all sourced from the USA. Their immunity boosting composition and easy availability makes them an ideal pre or post workout snack.

To create awareness about this fantastic product, MuscleBlaze and the DDB Mudra Group crafted a digital film- ‘Humari bhookh alag hai’ (Our kind of hunger). The campaign theme epitomizes a different sort of hunger, one that doesn’t originate from the stomach, but from the heart. A hunger that doesn’t let even one’s own self come in the way of achieving goals, that never lets one give up & raises the bar each and every time and pushes one further.

This film showcased the phenomenal benefits of the product from the perspective of fitness revering individuals. The film opens with the ticking of an alarm waking up the fitness enthusiasts and their determination. The intensity of this special hunger in them is visible as they keep count of their routine repetitions instead of time and they do this every dawn, even on Sundays. Drenched in sweat, they dance to the tunes of this hunger only to wake up with a stronger determination the next day. Muscle Blaze protein bar satiates this special kind of hunger and helps them stay on the right track in achieving their fitness goals.

This 50-seconder film has been utilized in multiple digital formats including YouTube bumper ads. The campaign has been launched across the brand’s digital touchpoints including search, social, website etc. It is further supported by Facebook canvas for a full-screen experience built for mobile audiences. The film received around 5 million views on Facebook and 2.21 million views on YouTube, post its launch.   

Quoting on the campaign, Amit Tandon, Business Head, Muscleblaze, said, “With the launch of our Protein Bar, we are extremely thrilled to extend the Muscleblaze canvas to active fitness seekers who are looking for on the go protein-rich nutrition. Initial response to the protein bar launch and "Hamari Bhookh Alag Hai" campaign is phenomenal and we are already trending at #1 on all e-commerce portals. We aim to make our protein bars omni-present and quickly gain leadership in this fast growing category.”

As per Preeta Mathur, Senior Creative Director, DDB Mudra North, “MuscleBlaze knows the grind a serious fitness seeker goes through. It knows that they are made different and in a market that is full of candy protein, there is a product that’s different. It is from this insight that we brought our idea to life. They are different and so is their hunger. MuscleBlaze protein bar is that voice in the fitness enthusiast’s mind that proudly declares to the world that ‘humari bhook alag hai’.”

Agency credits:

Account Management: Jaipal Singh, Nripanshi Bansiwal

Creative: Brijesh Jacob, Preeta Mathur, Eman Bose, Subhashish Dutta, Anujit Ray

Account Planning: Tushar Handa


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