Myntra faces #Boycott on Twitter for anti-Hindu post they never created

There is no such thing as truly being lost on the Internet, the hashtags #BoycottMyntra and #UninstallMyntra began trending on Twitter on Monday, echoing previous instances. This time, however, it's trending for the same reason as it was trending in 2016: a fake "anti-Hindu" banner. 

The hashtag arose after the advertising firm ‘ScrollDroll' published an artwork based on a scene from the Mahabharata in an advertisement for the e-commerce retail site Myntra, it portrayed the episode of Draupadi being undressed and then attempting to convert it into a selling point for Myntra, a clothing retailer. As Dushaasan disrobed Draupadi, Krishna used the Myntra app to search for ‘extra long' sarees. While the advertising may have been intended for some far-fetched comedy, it did not sit well with Indians at the time; they had lambasted the graphic for trivialising a passage from the Hindu epic, which they considered disrespectful to their religion.

Ironically, the ‘anti-Hindu' ad was not created by the e-commerce retail clothing company. When the same campaign became viral in 2016 for the same reasons, Myntra responded with a tweet stating that they did not develop or promote the advertisement in any manner. Myntra has stated in its statement on Twitter that they would pursue legal action against ScrollDroll for using their brand. “This creative was done and posted by a third party (ScrollDroll) without our knowledge or approval,” Myntra Tweeted.


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