Nano Influencers: The Next Big Leap For Social Media

Authored by Aradhana Srivastava, PR Account Head, Savin Communication - an end-to-end digital PR Marketplace

As the world experiences the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an upsurge in people turning active on Social Media. The lockdown has unlocked the creative minds and pushed people to explore relatively fresh opportunities. Aradhana Srivastava, PR Account Head from Savin Communication, an end-to-end digital PR Marketplace says, “Social Platforms have hidden potential, if cultivated fairly can yield exceptional output both in matter of content and vogue”.

Social Media has always been a highly interactive platform catering to users of a young generation, giving rise to a new community called “Influencers.” These social media connoisseurs have turned into a driving force for the national economy in the most surprising way. They are the first preference of any brand because of their better reach among millions of instagram users and creators.

Welcome the Nano Influencers

The latest community of influencers added to the Instagram family is popularly called “Nano Influencers”. These are the social media warriors with the power to influence a small group of 1000-5000 people and have the ability to nurture communities with specific interests and influence.

Partnering with nano-influencers is fast becoming a major strategy point for brands with budgetary constraints due to the Covid pandemic. A report by Marketing Week projected that 52% of brands are planning to collaborate with more nano-influencers in the upcoming months and 44% of brands who are already collaborating, plan to continue their association with these new-age agents of social media growth. Engaging with such influencers is not only cost-effective but also helpful in reaching highly engaged audiences.

New-Age Celebs

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Those were the days when movie celebrities used to set trends that went viral but the situation has flipped over now. Nowadays, it is the Nano influencers’ who are driving public opinion in a more micro-manner than even global celebrities. No wonder that this community has become the new-age celebs and have even motivated brands to collaborate.

Taking over Competition

Nano-influencers may well take over from the micro-influencers as key brand partners in the coming years. Micro-influencers who have followers between 5k to 100k have been the premiere preference for any brand campaigns for the past couple of years but it is being observed that nano influencers have established a closer relationship with their audiences and are considered a more reliable option to take the brand forward.

The need of the Hour

Since there are thousands of nano influencers creating content for Instagram, brands look for a platform through which they can directly pick the right influencer for their needs. One such upcoming platform is ‘We The Influencers’. ‘We The Influencers’ is an online community of talented and enthusiastic influencers from all across the country. This platform  will cater to a common room for both the brand and the influencer, allowing them to communicate and create fruitful collaborations.

A Helpful Companion

Marketing specialists are searching for creators with an individual approach and who enjoy the trust of their followers. Since the Nano influencers tick  both the boxes, they’ve become the ideal companion for brands looking for new ways to spread their message. What makes this association better is the fact that these young guns are also highly dedicated to their work and are open to learning new things.

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